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Tasker Thoughts?/Profiles


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I had been reading and debating about Tasker for a while. Finally bought it and started creating profiles last night. Great app and I haven't even come close to using it to its full potential.

Anyways I thought we could use this thread for opinions on the app and post profiles you are using. 


* The only Profiles I have right now are turn off all data/wifi/silence when i go to sleep.

* Reboot every morning

* Turn on Mobile Data(if wifi off) when i use a set of apps (Chrome,XDA,Amazon,etc.)


I have more in mind just need some time to sit down and make them happen.


Also think we can help people setup profiles or post profiles for people to download and use on their phone. 


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I've used thus before and thought it was pretty cool. I didn't play too extensively with it but I did have it set up to automatically turn on my wifi at places that are known to have it based on my position via cell towers. The way that was set up saves a lot more battery life over using gps to scan for your location.

Kinda makes me wanna get back into playing around with it. Lol.

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Alright got Autovoice opening a few apps. Got urgent calls coming through when on night mode so not just anyone can wake me up at 3:00 a.m. Starting to use variables alot more. Probably one of the best apps i have ever used. Also have ot automatically syncing certain folders to google drive and soon my server.

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I like listening to Coast to Coast AM. I have Tune In Radio pro and it records the show every night at midnight for me. Tasker makes sure its running and the media volume is set to 0 just before midnight.  At 5 am it restores media to full volume. It also sets it to full if I launch Waze, turns on WiFi when I am near the cells near home and off when I leave. No WiFi at work. 


That's about all I got done with it so far.

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Never though to using tasker for that. Pretty awesome.

Question for you have you run your phone with wifi on and wifi off to tell if it eats your battery alot cause on my phone it doesnt make a difference and cuts out those profiles of on/off crap.

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I thought it might make a difference but didn't notice anything but for me it's more of a security and privacy issue. I keep wifi and blue tooth off when I don't need them in public.


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I've just started using Tasker recently to control my Wifi, Mobile Data, and GPS.  The GPS part I don't think works properly, but at least the other two switches work.


Anyway, since I have my own Airave, I have my own BID# that it broadcasts out.  So I use the "Cell Near" profile within "State > Phone".  My profile is basically this:


If my phone is near CDMA:BID#, then turn on Wifi, turn off Mobile Data, and turn off GPS.

If my phone is not near CDMA:BID#, then turn off Wifi, turn on Mobile Data, and turn on GPS.


I did this mainly to keep my Wifi turned off when shopping since stores are tracking your shopping habits and paths with their open Wifi access points.  I'm not paranoid, but I don't need them to know when I've entered their building to shop.

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