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  1. Not that it matters, but the Note 2 updated to 2019.
  2. Works as it should on my Nexus 5... Crashes on my Note 2 just like the others. Tried clearing everything and reinstalling the app, but nothing seems to work. I'm on a stock/rooted 4.3 build (MK4), not on Digiblur ROM like the others. Sent from my Samsung Galaxy Note 2 using Tapatalk 4 HD.
  3. This feature is now possible if you're rooted and have Xposed Framework installed. Just install the module, enable it within Xposed Framework, and reboot device. http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2676516 A new Users menu will be added to your Settings menu. I've tested this and it works as it should. Sent from my Nexus 5 using Tapatalk
  4. It means you need to be rooted to use that function. Ever since Android 4.2+, the Reset Connection feature no longer works the same as it did before.
  5. Just took a look at my N5 and mine has that yellowish tint too. I actually don't mind it really since I use a program called Lux that turns my screen yellowish (warm). I can understand that others might not like it and rather have their screen display more natural (cool) colors. Sent from my Samsung Galaxy Note 2 using Tapatalk 4 HD.
  6. Looks like you got one of the newer, revised models: http://www.androidpolice.com/2013/12/13/google-subtly-revises-the-nexus-5s-hardware-with-larger-speaker-holes-and-improved-buttons/ Sent from my Samsung Galaxy Note 2 using Tapatalk 4 HD.
  7. Huh... Just got an notification from Roam Control that they finally updated their app. Was hoping they would get around to adding Note 2 support, but instead added support for the Nexus 5. Can't wait to try it out. Sent from my Samsung Galaxy Note 2 using Tapatalk 4 HD.
  8. Darn... just unlocked/rooted my phone last night so I could flash the custom PRL. Now I gotta redo the rooting part again.
  9. That's pretty much my experience other than the rep trying to sell me everything that they sell (speakers, tablets, other phones, you name it)! What should have been a few minutes took nearly 30 minutes. He just wouldn't quit it! -_-
  10. I got that one for my N5. Very nice case and the side buttons are just awesome!
  11. Hah! I just received my Nexus 5 this morning and first thing I did was order 2 screen protectors and a case. I also can't help think that if I hadn't put a screen protector on my Note 2, there would be scratches on the screen, since I see small scratches on the screen protector when I shine a bright light on it. I understand that Gorilla glass is tough stuff, but I'm not sure I feel comfortable leaving it exposed, especially if I were to drop my phone on concrete, and it lands face down. Sent from my Galaxy Note 10.1 using Tapatalk 4
  12. Seems like they were having server issues. Had over 10,000 messages to send last week and it took nearly 3 days to finally get it all uploaded.
  13. Love the new update! Thanks for adding a Reset Data Connection option, it's perfect! Sent from my Rooted Galaxy Note II using Tapatalk 2.
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