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  1. Was unable to make outgoing phone calls after updating to beta 5 last night. Had to restore back to 9.2.1 to get it to come back. Betas never seem to work out good for me for some reason. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Worth it to be on beta at all? Or still having issues?
  3. Dammit. Shows closed for me too. I registered before it closed though. Might shoot an email to Samsung and see what they can do for me. Edit. Chatted Samsung real quick and they said you can still claim them through today. I'm at work so I can't call them right away but for anyone else who wants to call in and try and claim them the number is 855-726-8721.
  4. You guys are talking about claiming an offer for some headphones. I just added a card to my samsung pay on my Note 5. Where do I go to redeem this? Been looking for a new set of headphones and you can't beat free.
  5. You are correct in your thinking of what you would have to pay in order to upgrade. Turn the device back in, in good shape, pay the remaining lease payments plus the tax and then upgrade. We do it all the time at the store I work at. Mainly with people with iPhones on leases but not on iPhone forever.
  6. This is the first time I've woke up and a software update has been waiting for me after all these years. [emoji23] Installing now. Hopefully this isn't one of those software updates that bricks your phone.
  7. I'm picking up an Apple Watch today! Lol. That's about all I have to add. My phone has been working pretty flawlessly like Vince said. A lot of people prolly also upgraded the s model which is a different thread.
  8. They add these to normal complaint tickets so if you're the only one making reports it's prolly not going to be fixed. If you go to the store and have them pinpoint the issue in CST or call care and have them do the same thing it'll get fixed sooner.
  9. Our stores in Madison are aware of the issue with the network and our district manager is trying to help and get Madison fixed in any way possible. If you guys wanna go report the issues to the store on University Ave we're planning on passing that info up to network engineers and hopefully fixing it since it is effecting our publicity in the city. The other way to fix this is to use the sprint zone app and report the issue through there. Sprint is monitoring these reports and when they see an average of 10+ tickets more than usual they open a ticket to have it inspected and resolved.
  10. A lot of 5c and any of the 6 series. Just randomly come in and will say no sim or no service. New SIM cards and restoring doesn't fix the issue. Replacing the device is the only way to resolve the issue.
  11. We had the time issue here in Milwaukee just for the day that the time switched over though. I didn't notice until a customer came in and told us about it. It's gone now. I'd check when you leave the area that you first noticed and see if it is a tower thing. Didn't see it on any other phones so maybe it's an Apple thing. I can't wait for Apple to fix the no service issue on iPhones. Been seeing too many of those lately and the only way to fix it is to replace the device.
  12. So how does it do in the real world? Seems a couple of them are activated. What's the verdict?
  13. Their only comment on Miller was data was usable in the parking lots for tail gating. Lol. Other than that no comment. I haven't been to a game in some time so I can't comment on what I've experienced or how it's been lately for myself.
  14. The one thing I have been noticing is my predictive text keeps turning off on me randomly. Seems to be more so when I go from emoji to the normal keyboard again but it does it other times too. Have to go back in and turn it back on again. Not the worst but what the hell Apple. lol.
  15. Maybe. I had a meeting the other week where we talked with the network engineers about what's going on in Milwaukee. All that's really left is going to be the small cell deployment and optimization. Lambeau is getting another sector added for the DAS system before the big send off for Farve's jersey and Miller I wanna say they're leaving alone for this year. I believe they said they'll be installing something in the next year or so to make data more useable inside but it didn't seem like it would be anytime in the near future so I didn't pay too much attention. Milwaukee proper will be covered in small cells as well as Racine and Madison. There will be others spread out across the state but nothing nearly as dense as those couple cities.
  16. I'm happy with my phone for the most part. Around Milwaukee there are still spots where I drop to 3G and on 3G the speeds still aren't the greatest. When my phone is on lte it works great and I have no issues at all.
  17. Couldn't remember the number but yep. It changed. Guess we'll see what gets screwed up this time.
  18. Carrier bundle changed? Or am I not remembering correctly? I show 22.1.
  19. 300 mb update for me. Was just about to switch and try marshmallow to the nexus 6 but I guess I'll try this out.
  20. I've had packages that have been delivered and it still says it's coming from California or wherever. Don't think too much into it. Out of the millions of packages that are moving around there's bound to be some that slip through the cracks and don't update how they should. You've waited this long. Another potential day won't hurt.
  21. It did say in the playbook to expect them as early as yesterday. Clearly that didn't happen but I imagine they'll be shipping shortly. I'm excited to see how this phone does. I've been itching to buy but can't without knowing real world usage and experiences.
  22. Main reason why I left android and went to Apple is because I felt the need to root my phone to have a good experience with it. To constantly have to keep up on what worked and what didn't was too ridiculous for me to continue down that path. I'm really considering either a 5X or a MXPE due to comments I've seen here on how well put together the androids have become lately. From the short time I spent with a note 4 I felt it was a good experience but missed some key elements that made me want to go back to my Apple. Waiting for more user feedback before I pull the trigger on either device.
  23. Customer owned equipment doesn't get charged act fees. You already own the phone. Any device that sprint owns that gets activated gets charged the fee. So yeah.... Can't really complain about the act fees either.
  24. This was my first thought. If $10 could stop you from activating your device efficiently you prolly shouldn't be spending that $400+ in the first place.
  25. So.... After all this talk of battery life and what not got me thinking I missed my plus. I hadn't shipped my old one back to sprint yet and hope that me ordering an rma already doesn't royally screw my account. Feels good to be back to the bigger screen actually. Must have just had an " I hate this phone" kinda day. Lol. Just for shits and giggles I checked and I have the better of the two chips in my phone. Could be why I got such good battery life right out of the box on it. [emoji106]
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