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No. Maybe check your cookie settings?


All cleared and cookies are enabled. I had the same issue on another message board that uses the same version as this one.


They had the same issue but the admin found a setting changed somehow on the upgrade.


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For some reason I had problems trying to find the sign-in or create new account icon.  This was probably a newby issue.



I honestly forgot my passwords eons ago when we first moved to the new site.  


Because of that I just use the Sign-In with Twitter option so that I don't have to remember if my chicken was original or extra crispy and only click to icons

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I sign in with Twitter, and have problems being able to sign in with Tapatalk on my phone. It doesn't accept my user name or password. But, I don't have to sign in very often on my desktop.

You have to create password for your account. When you sign into Tapatalk using Twitter, you have to type a physical user name and password to sign into s4gru


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