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  1. I have some invites available now too. Any sponsors still looking for an invite PM me your address.
  2. I would like an invite if anyone has any left. Thanks!
  3. I never saw an error message either. I would receive calls, talk for 20 - 30 seconds, and the call would drop. Same thing when placing calls, it would go through, no errors, but the call wouldn't make it a minute before dropping. I am on the .17 radio. It is still working fine with LTE disabled though. 1 hour conference calls with no issues.
  4. Just an update. This is working for me so far. Calls are stable after changing preferred network type to 3G. WiFi provides the data. Kind of annoying to have to switch when leaving though, I may see if Tasker or some other app can automate this. Thanks for the help guys.
  5. My CDMA roaming mode was already set to Automatic, so even if that could help it won't help me, but thanks for trying. After looking into this more I think it may be a network handoff issue. Maybe someone with more knowledge of how the network works can let me know, but when I place a voice call Signal Check reports that I am on 1x800. According to the NV Complete maps in the sponsor section there is a tower near me that has 1x800 but not LTE and there is a tower near me that has LTE but not 1x800. My theory is that my phone is switching between these towers depending on what signal type i'm requesting and there is an issue with the handoff. Does that sound reasonable?
  6. Hey Guys, I am seeing some wierd behavior with the connectivity on my Nexus 5. I was wondering if any of you have seen anything similar or have any ideas to fix this. I am continually dropping calls at my house but the phone seems to work ok in most other areas. Sometimes it will connect for a few minutes, other times I cannot even complete a short phone call because it will continually drop the call within the first 30 seconds. I tried turning off WiFi since this helped some other users with similar issues and discovered Sprint now has LTE coverage at my house. I am getting 4.5 Mbps down and 2.5 Mbps up, but I can't make a simple phone call. Why would this be?
  7. Anyone know if they will allow the Moto G on Ting? Sprint doesn't usually allow newer devices, but would they still bother to block a device this low end?
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