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What brands of smartphone do you want to see come to Sprint?


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Sprint seems to have a good relationship with HTC, Samsung, LG, and RIM who keep Sprint supplied with a steady stream of Smartphones. Motorola is getting cozy with Sprint as well as the new partnership with Apple.


I'm sure nobody would argue with new offerings from Nokia or Sony. It seems like good money that Nokia will soon make it to Sprint with Microsoft pushing the WP platform the best they can. Sony would be a very nice addition to the lineup.


That leaves Huawei, Pantech, Sharp, Casio, Palm (if they make a resurgence) and Lenovo as the rest of the current smartphone makers who could possibly start delivering Sprint phones. Huawei seems like the most desirable out of this crop with their new line of phones raising a lot of attention. Lenovo makes a "tabphone"or "phoblet" similar to the Samsung Note. Casio is known for tough devices that are a bit lagging in modern technology. Palm has offered phones on Sprint in the past but have dropped virtually out of competition with the rest of the field.


Amazon and Facebook could enter the market, but wouldn't likely release a premium, high end type phone.


If Sanyo decides to reenter the game, they always seemed to make good phones.


What manufacturer(s) would you most like to see deal their devices on the now network?

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I think the only ones I might be interested in seeing is a high end Nokia WP device, and perhaps the top Huawei or Sony devices. None of the others really hold much appeal or me.

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I would definitely take a Nokia WP7 phone. Ideally with an Qualcomm S4 and higher res screen that gets released this summer and will fully be utilized with the Apollo update (it doesn't need to use the dual core or higher res screen till the Apollo update, but having it future proof would be great)

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I think Nokia is the only one so far that would be widely accepted. There has been a pent up demand for that brand since it pulled out of the U.S. years ago. (Although they never really made a CDMA phone, but preferred to contract that out) the only other established players (Sony, Dell) haven't done anything for a while, LG maybe?. The new guy's (ZTE, Huawei, etc) still have dues to pay and are taking the HTC route by building entry-level phones and making phones for the T-Mobile brand name series.

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