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Integrated radios

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Sprint should look at it. If it works as well as expected this modular set up could be cost and labor effective. Music to Sprints ears besides hearing the cash registers ring every time revenue increases.


Well unfortunately I think its too late for Sprint to change up their equipment for Network Vision. I think a few reasons for this.


1) We don't know the availability of this product. Is it currently being massed produced or is it still in testing phase?


2) Sprint can't just throw in new equipment up on its NV towers without during thorough testing within the labs. I am sure it took months and months of internal testing in different scenarios to get it to where they want it to be with each vendor.


3) The product sounds good in theory (lower power consumption, less space needed to install equipment) but we don't know if the product performance is more optimal than having antennas and RUUs separate. Its very new technology and I am sure it will improve over time. I think its great that Tmobile is being the test dummy for this equipment and hope their "Network Vision" project goes well.

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