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Six Strikes Rule and Cell Carriers


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Does anyone know if cell carriers will be implementing this new six strikes rule that most of the country's largest internet service providers have signed on to implement this week? I think that it's absolute crap that isp's get to monitor our usage. I also heard people say that if you use a vpn you can bypass their efforts as well as avoiding bittorrents.


p.s. sorry if their is already a thread on this topc. was not aware..forgive me :(

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I thought most cell carriers like sprint already have anti-torrenting policies within the contract; Including the methods to enable such abuse like tethering.



I doubt there will be any change. Essentially all ISP's already send out notices and penalty's for copyright holders, I really don't see how this will be any different..


What I don't get is how these copyright holders basically share their own content via bit torrent to track those who share and download it, That should be considered as a form of entrapment; But that didn't stop cnet from sharing P2P applications while partner company CBS sued the users..

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I think that it's absolute crap that isp's get to monitor our usage.


ISPs wont be monitoring usage. The copyright trolls will be watching torrents just as they always have and forwarding the notices on to the ISPs to take corrective action towards you.

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To be honest I had no idea thats how it worked I always thought they actually monitored your activity.


hmmmm.....not very many people responding to this thread. Well I thought it was a interesting topic ;)^_^:blink:

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