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  1. yes that is correct. I am able to get SCP to show data from Sim 2 though. The only way is to turn sim 1 off then turn it back on and have sim 2 as primary data. I can send a diagnostics after that.
  2. I can get the data from the second sim though. I forgot to add that when both sim cards are active I have to enable sim number 2 before I enable number one in order for SCP to report on it. If I try to switch after that, that's when I run into issues
  3. I have an interesting issue with my OnePlus 5. I have dual SIMs one ATT and the other TMobile. Whenever I have attached set as the default data card, SCP works normally showing the signal in the notification bar and in the app, but when I switch to T-Mobile as the default card for data. LTE data never shows. I can send logs so you can see what's going on.
  4. yeah sorry I was home and no longer connected to that site when I sent the diagnostics. If I go back I'll send it again.
  5. hey Mike. Both SCP and NSG had a pci of 23. Is that the right record? Another thing, normally if I force my phone to band 66 and it is not available it will connect to hspa. In this case it was locked to band 66, unless there's something I'm not seeing. Edit: also my device is rooted, not using the root method with SCP though. Only on NSG
  6. Interesting. What does SCP show? And, of course, send a diagnostic to Mike, if you haven't already. - Trip all 3 screenshots were taken at the same time. Do I need to be connected to that site to send a diagnostic?
  7. TheForce627

    HTC U11

    How is the RF performance for you guys? It's significantly worse than my s7. Thinking of returning it or seeing if HTC will give me a replacement.
  8. thank you! Hoping the OnePlus 5 turns out to be a solid phone. Planning on getting that or the next axon device so I can run a dual SIM setup.
  9. Does anybody know how signal check reacts when using a dual SIM phone? I'm thinking about purchasing a dual SIM phone and running Att and TMobile or Att and VZW.
  10. I hope this pushes them to build out even more in rural areas. I'm sure they would have more leverage when putting up towers and antennas as they can say it is for first responders.
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