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Looking for Ericsson RRUS11 and RBS 6102 docs

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Off and on I've been scouring the web looking for some installation docs on various pieces and parts of the NV upgrade. I've found quite a few interesting things even AT&T things on the web, but I just can't seem to find the RRUS11 or RBS 6102 docs. Anybody have any luck on finding these in PDF format? You can PM the link to me or some other way to transfer it if you find it, I've found a few but the file was taken down.


Not like I'm trying to fire my own up or something, just being a wireless geek and want to edu-micate or learn me self something ;)

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I've read some docs about them but I can't find them anymore. They have a lot of capabilities. Up to 4 CDMA carriers on the same rru with a simple click ie license purchase from Ericsson per carrier.


Yeah, they seem to have been removed by Rouse it says.


I was hoping to see into the mystical magical box ;) I doubt I can just walk up to a site of contractors and see the process.


-- "Sensorly or it didn't happen!"

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