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  1. That's up to you to figure out. As I said earlier, if you believe that it's just not going to work without actually trying it, you'll never know.
  2. Cool story. I literally just walked into Sprint corp store, quickly navigated through ServiceMode on one of the floor S6 units, and went from CA-Disabled to CA-Not Configured (at the site). Took me less than 30 seconds. So much for that hardware disabled spiel.
  3. I have Verizon variant, but got the standby time right where I like it. Few notable tweaks: - Locations set at GPS only - WiFi while sleep only when plugged in. - Removed the bloat, etc.
  4. Samsung Galaxy UEs with TouchWiz framework have very little to do with AOSP, but I guess we can go on about why it's just not gonna work without even trying. If someone with Note Edge or GS6/Edge actually wants to give this a shot, feel free to PM me.
  5. All operators will always say the same thing, it's their corporate spiel. They simply don't expect average user to know how to dial into the Engineering Mode, and then navigate and enable CA. But we've been able to do just that many times before on Samsung devices from multiple operators, don't see why it wouldn't work on Sprint's devices. Of course, unless someone actually tried the method and failed. Let me know if I should just stop talking
  6. You mean firmware. Has anyone even given ServiceMode a serious shot here?
  7. CA can typically be enabled on Samsung Galaxy devices by navigating the ServiceMode.
  8. According to SGR, they're not using 4x2 configuration on their 8T8R sites at all so it will still say "2" on iPhone. Samsung devices with Qualcomm chipset typically display TM in AS INFORMATION. Apparently they have 4x2 MIMO active on a few legacy Sprint (non Clearwire) undisclosed sites.
  9. I'd say it's worth checking it out. That transmission mode 8 should still provide a nice improvement in median throughput when in low mobility, low multipath and LOS environment.
  10. Just the heads up, Rockford and Elmhurst, IL have been identified and confirmed as Carrier Aggregation areas, all with 8T8R and Beamforming (TM8) according to SRG. If you have a capable CA device and are willing to drive there, it may be worth checking this out.
  11. VoLTE is not defined in Release 10 specification, so there isn't a direct correlation between the two, especially for 3GPP2 operators that don't even have access to Release 10 fallback mechanism like eSRVCC. Operators absolutely can rollout VoLTE without Release 10, Verizon being a prime example.
  12. Let's just clarify WiFi Calling in the U.S. market place. T-Mobile's WiFi Calling is the Next Generation VoWiFi defined in Release 12 with IP address preservation between Cellular (VoLTE) and WiFi bearers, providing an opportunity for operators to seamlessly extend their voice applications between two different environments, while fully leveraging AMR-WB or HD Voice. It requires modifying the edge of the IMS core by adding ePDG. Since Verizon has nationwide VoLTE I'm guessing that's what they're in the process of doing as well, but there hasn't been solid confirmation so far. Sprint's WiFi calling is an older implementation without call continuity and other IMS features.
  13. Man, I still have my Omnipoint Ericsson cell phone from 1997 somewhere... Well T-Mobile had to divest some of their PCS spectrum to Cingular more than a decade ago, which made them get serious and building insane amounts of sites in order to survive and stay competitive. They were in a very tough situation here. AWS-1 auction gave them something to work with, but it's really more than a decade of building that cell grid, and now having the densest network is their crown jewel. And MetroPCS brought in even more density with their outdoor DAS nodes, so that's coming soon...
  14. 20MHz FDD LTE in NYC within the next few months. One HSPA+42 carrier is getting refarmed. They are really proud of NYC network, as they can provide lots of capacity through the combination of Wideband and that cell density. This is why it's one of their flagship markets.
  15. It could, but then again, that area is also largely considered as Upstate NY. Could've also been easier to just say AT&T is amazing in Westchester, Putnam, etc so that we can relate.
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