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  2. Just wanted to add to this. It is not just a sprint problem either. Many places in the United States simply do not have fiber infrastructure. I also believe many ISPs are just waiting for DOCSIS 3.1 in the next year so they can just keep their current copper lines.
  3. Have not really seen much change around Toledo. Same couple towers still need work.
  4. The first picture is band 25. I thought I had something under the second picture when I posted that. I might have deleted it on accident when I edited the post with the third picture.
  5. Both of these are from different towers in Toledo Edit: Just got this one in the backyard
  6. Did we not at one time have a test signal of 800 voice over a year ago? The site on the west half of Alexis.
  7. Didn't see this until today. I am going to try and force my phone to connect to it later. Whenever I am around there I get strong LTE so I am never on 3G to check it.
  8. Also I found a few more B41 sites to the east side of the market
  9. Congratulations. Have to ask, how about b41?
  10. Correct it is a problem in the plain text. I have been loading the log directly into notepad++ and using replace [," ] with [,"] to remove the additional spaces. The space only shows up at the beginning of the month where the string length is a value shorter (1-9) than other cases (10+).
  11. Mike, Would it be possible to remove the leading space or add a leading zero to the log dates in the future? example: " 2-Jan-2015 3:17:20 PM" "02-Jan-2015 3:17:20 PM"
  12. 1x800 was working for miles that was nice. B26 even at -110dB can still beat the best of 3g. B26: I still see dead zones between some towers but that could just be because how far the towers are or the antenna on my phone (mediocre on B26 iirc)
  13. From your description either the network there is screwed up bad or they are still doing stuff on the back end. Having spent time in other markets I would say they are still working on the market.
  14. Is the Top 5% a per market metric or a corp metric? Does Sprint throttle you only for the month after some point of usage? Isn't att or someone getting sued currently over doing this even when the tower is not under heavy load?
  15. Is the note 2 still your current device? That only supports band 25. source: http://s4gru.com/index.php?/blog/1/entry-327-samsung-galaxy-note-2-big-enough-for-everything-except-svdo/