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Anyone move from EVO to SIII?


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Hey could you put the VZW-SpectrumCo-Cox transaction into laymen's terms for me? I did a search but it all seems over my head. I will not disagree that Verizon seems to be not only bullies but "unethical asshats". That is one of the reasons I had never switched to them before. I don't really like doing business with companies like them but out of what is available they were the best choice for me at this time.


Also the Razr maxx hd did help in my final decision. What other phone has a battery as good as this? :)

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On monday I spent a few hours hanging out in Miami(4hr layover for my next flight) with two friends of mines and they both have gs3's, we were no more than maybe 5 minutes from the airport having lunch when I noticed that my gnex was connected to 4g. So I then looked at my evo but unfortunately it was still on 3g, I ask to see my friends phones and both were also on 3g. I did the toggle dance on both gs3's and my evo and none of them would connect to lte but my gnex stayed connected just fine.

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I just made the switch from the original EVO 4g to the Galaxy S3. I have to say I'm extremely impressed. Having had the Hero also, I was very accustomed to the Sense way of life. Touch Wiz has its quirks but overall, I'm enjoying my experience.


There are still little things that bug me like the inability to hold the Volume Up/Down key with the screen off to move the next/previous song or that the stock player doesn't have a lock screen widget. These issues however can be resolved obviously via other players and/or rooting.


In terms of reception, I have noticed that my 3g drops out while in my office fairly regularly if I'm messing on the phone. I didn't seem to have this problem with the EVO.


I was tempted to switch carriers but I have hope that 4G LTE will be fully rolled out in the LA area soon. I'm in the San Fernando Valley and have already experienced it in the Studio City / Burbank area just off the 134.

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    • Was in Red Hook again and I swear there are more Link5G sites as there are Verizon, T-Mobile, and AT&T small cells combined in the entire neighborhood. It seemed like every other street I turned down had one installed. Hopefully carriers will start hopping on them soon. Seems like a lot of effort to go through for no one to use them.  — — — — — T-Mobile converted the Sprint site on top of NYU Langone Brooklyn in Sunset Park. I first mapped one sector of it back in November 2023 but I thought it was a small cell so I never pinned it but I ran into another sector today which caught me off guard. I'm unable to find a permit for the conversion so it's definitely a surprise. There's another T-Mobile site 1 block away that T-Mobile initially installed back in 2019 so I'm kinda surprised they're keeping both considering the Sprint conversion is on a much taller building and could potentially provide much better coverage to the entire area.   
    • Still not seeing any ULS postings for pending T-Mobile UScellular merger in Dane county Wisconsin.
    • Came across another Crown Castle Solutions multi-tenant oDAS node in Brooklyn. Located at 40.7002286, -73.9612666. Nothing on T-Mobile or AT&T so I'm assuming these are all Verizon nodes that Crown Castle is anticipating another carrier will hop on down the line.
    • Same with factory unlocked
    • June security update is out (S22U TMO)
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