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  1. Sense 8 - I cannot wait for the new season to start!!
  2. No joy in Mudville! Supposedly, a "click-it ticket" was created on Saturday, so I am supposed to have a resolution by tonight. However, I just could not take using the Note 4 any longer. The bad GPS keeps missing turns, among other problems, and that, alone is beyond frustrating, for me. So, I activated it on T-Mobile, since when it was on Project Fi, it stayed on T-Mobile almost exclusively. We'll see if that lasts. With a cruise in 19 days, I'll get to test out the international coverage! I have to say, popping in a SIM from a GSM provider sure was easy!! I can only hope, as we move to more non-subsidized, carrier-agnostic phones, that this kind of problem will go away.
  3. Did you choose the CANCEL SERVICE button on the phone in the Fi App before switching? I was hoping that, if I do that, the switch will work. Thanks for the info. I sure hope I don't have to go through all that!
  4. So, I got an unlocked Nexus 6 from Amazon, could not find a nano SIM in any Sprint store or Best Buy near me, and ordered one from Amazon that people indicated had worked. I had to chat with someone at Sprint to get it activated, but was able to, and voice and LTE data worked fine. I activated it on October 10th. I was curious about Project Fi, and wanted to see if the coverage was better in the metro areas I frequent where Sprint is spotty. FYI, some are better, but many dead zones are dead for both Sprint and T-Mobile, and Project Fi will really have to hunt around for any kind of signal in those places. I got in on the free invite period, and ordered service, so they sent me a Fi SIM. I was not able to fully activate Project Fi on the N6 until I activated a different phone on my Sprint line (I did not port my Sprint number, as this was just me testing coverage). Once I did that, I had an N6 on Fi, no trouble. I completed activation on Fi on Saturday morning, the 31st. By Monday afternoon, I had been to all my normal places, done a bunch of speed tests, and had eaten through enough data to get an idea of how well the Fi network would work for me and other people on my plan (expensive for me, but reasonable for everyone else). So, I tried to switch back to Sprint. The automated system said I could not switch to the N6, so I chatted. They said my Sprint nano SIM that I had just used a few days ago was a "Samsung SIM" and could not be paired with the N6. I had to leave, so I had to end the chat. I tried again Tuesday morning. Eventually, they said some of the same things, but decided the SIM was "bad" and are sending me a new one for free, which is OK, I guess, as it is arriving today. My question is: How can a SIM that is not being used for just a few days go "bad?" I am concerned that, if I want to test out Project Fi any more, I will have the same problem. I don't believe there is truly anything wrong with the SIM, but that they have some kind of problem in their system, and I want to understand, so I know whether I will be able to test out Fi, again, or just re-create the same problem.
  5. Anyone on Marshmallow having issues closing apps? I use Audible, and I used to be able to go to recent apps and close it or use the X on its notification. Now, even though it appears to close, and no longer has a persistent notification or shows up in the recent apps list, as soon as I get back in my Explorer and Sync connects, it begins playing the audio book I was last listening to. The only way to stop it is to dig into the app info and hit the Force Stop button. I've Googled a bunch to see if others are reporting this kind of problem, but I guess not that many people are on Marshmallow, yet, or it is unique to Audible. Heck, it may be something in a recent update, that just happens to coincide with me changing over to the Nexus 6. Thanks!
  6. Looks like the last original Wallet update converted into Android Pay by itself, last night, I guess. I never saw an Android Pay update, only Wallet ones, but I have Android Pay, now. Apparently, though, they block rooted phones, although Google Wallet did not. Oh, well.
  7. The thing is, while I am careful with my phones, they do, sometimes, get dropped. Never all that far, or anything, but enough to get a ding or scrape, so I like a TPU case to protect them, and it gives better grip.
  8. Yeah, I saw that after I posted. Thanks!!
  9. I know I did not see it the last couple of times I went through the customization process, but the last time was a few days ago, at least. I'm still on the fence about this phone. I keep thinking, if I'm going to get it, I should get the 64GB one and get a wooden back, like I want, but that pushes the price up $125. So, I am waffling. One (ok, two) question(s) those of you who have it may be able to answer, though: Does the bumper case that comes with it make enough of a lip on the front and back that, when placed either face up or face down on a flat surface, only the bumper touches, and is the bumper made of TPU?
  10. FYI, Moto Maker is giving an option to add a SIM for all major carriers for $5. One would think they would send the correct one for Sprint.
  11. Mine is not that bad, thankfully, and GPS Tool has helped, but it is still not great, like it was with Kit Kat. For example, I have Waze up and my phone in the mount, which is a ProClip in front of the main A/C vents in the middle of the dash, under the windshield. Nearly as good a view of the sky as you are going to get in a vehicle. It will just suddenly stop following me for a minute or so. Very annoying!!
  12. I have a 128GB micro SD card and an extended battery on my Note 4. Those were differentiating factors from the iPhone. Now, not so much. I grant you that Android is the primary differentiating factor for geeks, like me, but to the general public, when you can advertise a user-replaceable battery, making your phone look like an iPhone and have the same hardware limitations as an iPhone, does not make you stand out. I so often hear, "Well, if it's going to be so much like an iPhone, I should just get an iPhone." I personally know people who were waiting for the S6, but when it did not have a removeable battery or expandable memory, they went ahead and got an iPhone. For me, I do not want to give up my 128GB micro SD card or my removable battery. Having had the Note 2 and 3, as well, this is a big departure for Samsung, and I do think the lackluster sales of the S6 will translate to the Note 5, unfortunately. I am already considering other options for a new phone, if my Note 4 gets long in the tooth, for me.
  13. Agreed! As much as I hated the 5.0.1 update (I won't use the term upgrade, as it wasn't, for me), they really seem to have gotten it right, this time! Admittedly, I have not used it for very long, yet. Still, the difference is night and day, performance-wise. I honestly think it is even faster than 4.4.4 in some ways. This is how Lollipop should be!
  14. That's pretty crazy. They still sell the LG G2, G3, and the Galaxy S5, but no Note other than the Edge?!? How strange.
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