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  1. AJ, Thanks for clearing that up. I think I misunderstood your views. What I would like is a reasonable cap at a reasonable price. Or if its torrents that are killing the unlimited dream. Then I would like a way for the carriers to find a way to limit or block these users. For various reasons I use what I would consider a lot of data per month. (Around 6-8 gigs) I am willing to pay for what I use (and do). However, like adhrty pointed out, we are being sold on a dream of using our phones to back up our photos to the cloud, or as a replacement GPS, an always connected device to stream a movie or music whenever and where ever we want. I do realize something is keeping that dream from being a reality. But I don't have the answers on how to fix the issue without hurting the people that are not abusing the system.
  2. How is using data the same as a dog crapping in the park? Using over 500Mb's a month is not excessive or all that hard. My wife, who hardly uses her phone for anything other then Facebook, a handful of website, email and every once and a while directions averages about 1Gb per month. She uses Wifi when available. I can't say she is all that different than the normal user these days.
  3. Hey could you put the VZW-SpectrumCo-Cox transaction into laymen's terms for me? I did a search but it all seems over my head. I will not disagree that Verizon seems to be not only bullies but "unethical asshats". That is one of the reasons I had never switched to them before. I don't really like doing business with companies like them but out of what is available they were the best choice for me at this time. Also the Razr maxx hd did help in my final decision. What other phone has a battery as good as this?
  4. Now don't get me wrong. I still really like Sprint. No hard feelings and their support staff was always very nice even if they sometimes didn't have a clue what was going on. And the other networks don't seem to fair that much better. T-Mobile has a REALLY hard time around here. In my office there is now only one person still on that next because to even make a phone call they either had to come stand by the window or go outside. I have seen ATT get over loaded at every sporting event good luck even sending a text during a Chiefs game. I will say that their HSPA+ is pretty impressive around here. Now I switched to Verizon because I had a pretty good idea of what I was getting myself into with them. And although the grass in not always greener I am pretty happy overall. I spend a lot of time in places that are far out side the city. I go down to Truman lake and places like Osceola on the Missouri side. Sprint would come close but would fall short in both of these areas. And I would end up roaming onto Verizon. Then I go out to places like Fort Scott and Manhattan in Kansas. When inside these towns Sprint was always really good but when you get outside of town that's when sprint would fall short again. I can't say I was ever disgruntled or anything. I really like Sprint and I liked that I could roam on Verizon in these areas. However the issues closer to home on my day to day routine just got to the point it wasn't worth it for me anymore. Sorry for taking this thread WAY off topic. In my opinion if you have the Evo LTE keep it over the GS3.
  5. Sorry you posted this the same time I was posting my reply to S4GRU. Like I said while in the car I felt LTE was pretty good. But when I am in buildings like my house, work, and the numerous other places I go. I wouldn't have LTE and if I did like here at my office it would be worthless. The GS3 would heat up and die. And my speeds would be worse then if I just turned LTE off. So pretty much anytime I was at work (Corporate Woods Overland Park) I would have to go into my settings and turn off LTE. Then once I was about to leave turn it back on. Then at home I'm in a fringe area (Greenwood) I have an airave and the GS3 did't like to stay connected to it and would drop my calls. So I tried turning it off and it just made it worse. Sprint tried to upgrade the software to no avail. Now in places that should of had lte without any problems. Again inside. I would try to cycle air plane mode and it would normally connect for a while but then drop to 3g again. These are places like power and light, Arrow Head, Live Strong, areas of Blue Springs and Grain Valley, all the way to Olathe and Gardner. I'm all over the place. I know there are a lot of places not live yet but I would expect to get a lot more service then what I was getting. I hardly ever received LTE once I went indoors.
  6. Very true. It was not and easy decision for me because even with their slower then average 3g I felt that had better coverage than anyone other then Verizon. And even compared to them Sprints was really good. Like when out in the middle of no where. Missouri and Kansas has a lot of "no where". Sprint would normally at least have coverage and most of the time 3G. ATT and T-M not so much. I'm still going to be following along. I'm very interested in their development and may even come back once they get everything upgraded and whatnot.
  7. I really wish I could say the same. Trust me I would not have switched if everything was great. If you are outside or on the hwy LTE seems pretty good. But once you get inside you either lose it all together or whats worse my phone would be trying really hard to connect causing it to switch back an forth. The GS3 would get really hot and drain the battery when this was going on. I really hope once they add 800Mhz it will fix this issue. The other issue is in this area everything is so spread out and again at 1900Mhz it seems like Sprint needs more towers. I am sure things will improve over time. We just couldn't wait any longer. The phones we had were just not cutting it for us.
  8. I went from the Evo LTE to the GS3. Although the radios in the GS3 are better I liked everything else about the Evo. After living with the GS3 for a few months I sold it off and switched carriers. I really want Sprint to succeed but here on their home turf they are still very disappointing.
  9. I would take him up on that offer. I'm not a big Samsung fan but the GS3 is a great phone. Sprint just switched my Evo for the GS3 and it is a slight upgrade.
  10. Yes the Evo 4g LTE. I think it was allergic to Lte.
  11. I'm only half joking. Yes, I know there is LTE in KC. I've even used a bit of it. But with the Evo it felt like there wasn't.
  12. Hey did you guys know there was LTE in Kansas City? At long last Sprint offered to trade my Evo for the GS3. So far other them the navigation/home buttons I really like it. It will take some time to get used to it but I do feel like its a slight upgrade.
  13. So its safe to say the S3 would be my best choice for a replacement? I am not a fan of Samsung and defiantly not a fan of touch-wiz but I guess I could always put a rom on it. I'm going to go talk to Sprint one more time before I shell out any money. Fingers crossed.
  14. Well this doesn't sound like such a good idea. Because I already felt like the GNexus was a bit of a step down. Any other phones you guys suggest over the EVO?
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