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LTE battery hog?


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I've been looking at reviews of the Note 2 and they all rave about how long the battery lasts.


A few in the next breath say that they were using the international one with no LTE and the battery life will be less when it hits the USA because LTE kills battery life.


I thought I read somewhere that LTE didn't make that much of a difference, can't find the post now.


I wont have LTE here for a while now. If I get the Note 2 would it be wise to turn off LTE (if you can) for max battery life like I do with Wimax? I turn off GPS and blue tooth too and have a huge aftermarket battery to make it thru the day.




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I can tell you on my Samsung Galaxy S-III, HTC EVO LTE and Motorola Photon Q LTE, I do not see any difference in battery life in CDMA/LTE mode versus CDMA only. I do see a slight difference on the Galaxy Nexus and a pretty noticeable difference on the LG Viper.


I would think LTE will make little to no difference on the Note 2.


Robert via Nexus 7 using Forum Runner

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LTE makes no noticeable difference for me on my GS3 over 3G. What does kill the battery is constant signal hunting/being in very weak signal. Leaving wifi on will kill the battery more too unless you have it set to shut off while asleep.



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I have Tasker shut off my wifi when I leave. I have tried toggling the lte off but it doesn't make a difference for me either.

If you think of what your phone does all the time anyways, then adding one little additional scan to the same radio chipset and path does not make a difference.


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The newer (above mid range) phones will see little to no difference in battery usage between 3g and LTE. The newer Snapdragons (S4) and the Exynos chip that is in the Note 2 supports LTE natively, therefore making them very efficient. The Viper for example uses a separate chip for LTE duties causing extra battery drain.


That being said, if you find LTE to be simply amazing there is a very good chance that you will use your phone more. More usage = battery drain.


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When LTE or even enhanced or should I say proper backhaul for 3g I would definitely see my battery take a hit since I would actually use my phone data for more than just text like Tapatalk.


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