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Samsung Chromebook 3G XE303C12


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Not really interested in the 3G version with Verizon. The wifi on the other hand is nice and I even convinced my nieces to get it.


Even the $249 Wi-Fi only version comes with the 12 free Gogo in flight Wi-Fi passes -- not too shabby if you fly on partner airlines quite a bit.



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True. I might get one just for the heck of it. If it connects to my Plugable Displaylink USB connectors then I can use additional monitors with it like I do with the smaller Dell laptop I have. Lord knows it will be lighter than the dell.



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I think I'll order one once they're actually out (vs. just preordering). WiFi-only version though; getting the 3G edition would be a step back for me connectivity-wise.


If the system chokes on anything I throw at it performance-wise, I can always pop open LogMeIn and use that, right?


This would actually be my second Chromebok. Unfortunately the mSATA cable on my Cr-48 died. Otherwise I'd still have a Chromebook, albeit one running Windows 8.

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