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1x speeds faster than EVDO on some strained legacy towers?

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I was traveling about a week ago, and when traveling through some rural areas with native Sprint coverage, my 3G speeds were horrible. 20-30 kbps and pings around 500 ms. I decided to switch my phone to 1x only mode as an experiment. With 1x, my speeds went up to a consistent 130 kbps but with higher pings. So, EVDO exhibited heavy strain, whereas 1x was close to its full capabilities.


Does 1x get a higher priority of access to back haul than EVDO because of its typical voice traffic?

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I do that too sometimes but force roaming over to Verizon with a 3g roaming prl is better.


When you are on 1x you are on the voice T1s that are separate from the evdo data lines.


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I did try a Verizon PRL, actually, but it had a lot of trouble staying on EVDO, and it would take a long time to reestablish data on 1x. Then in would join EVDO again and the cycle continued.

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