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  1. i loved the s10+ before this. i will add an update that I spent another 2 hours on the phone with samsung today and was directed BACK to repair store for what was supposed to be the final time. This time was not the final time to resolve the issue and samsung will no longer help me without sending my phone to them and going without while i wait. I called Sprint who have been very kind and informative but still unable to help until... i asked to cancel my account with 3 lines for over 17 years with the company. they have me waiting for expedited approval to credit my account the full remaing balance of the s10+ so that i can purchase a working device or i will leave for another carrier. i understand that Sprint is not at fault. but as they say "my hands are tied" and they are my middle man to Samsung. i do not want a penny of my money to go to samsung until the device is working as advertised so this was my only remaining way to do so. Otherwise switching carriers would enable them to pay the majority of the s10+ cost to switch to "lure" me. i will add that if Sprint comes through with this i will remember their effort to retain me as a customer.
  2. after 2 more hours of nonsense on the phone i learned. SPrint is aware and acknowledges a widespread connection issue. samsung and sprint are aware and in commmunication but there is no fix. the 2nd update did not solve the probem as was confirmed by tech support supervisor. As of now the only solution is to wait for replacement from samsung. Sprint spent for 30 min on 3 way call to samsung with me, we were hung up on. will have to try again tomorrow just to get in touch. Seems like one or two of the companies I solicit are trying to buy some time.
  3. i agree. unfortunately the last 2 updates have made my s10+ non functional away from wifi
  4. ive been having the galaxy s10+ data issues. it mostly has zero data connection at all. ive been given the run around with sprint. mine started when the march update came out. i was loving the phone until then. now the new update was pushed to my device today and it has fixed nothing. Sprint has been giving me the run around with no solutions. file an insurance claim for a refurb device lol. really hoping for some better news when they call back in an hour...
  5. help with GS5 personal dictionary i have never had a problem finding it on previous android phones. i want to remove a few words i mistakenly saved but i cant find it anywhere. can you help me find it?
  6. i found a fix for now. it has to be corrected every time the phone is shut off. go to the Phone app in the all apps tab. if you clear teh data for the hpone it clears the notiifcation. it has also worked correctly with new voicemails becuase they are on the visual voicemail app. i hope this helps.
  7. I picked up an s5 yesterday and have an interesting problem. more like annoying. i have a notification for voicemail that wont go away. when i click it, it doesnt take me to the voicemail app. It takes me to the phone and dials my voicemail. the thing is there are no messages. I have reset the data for the voicemail app. I have reset the data for the badge provider service. i have left myself a message and deleted it. the phone says the message is part of the phone app itself if that helps solve this. any help would be appreciated.
  8. i think they wrote this just for me http://vr-zone.com/articles/samsung-galaxy-s5-prime-rumors-back-table-launch-pegged-may/72947.html
  9. lol i dont know but im gonna start finding some reference of it and post the link before I start believing that i made it up edited to add links: http://bgr.com/2014/02/21/galaxy-s5-prime-specs-leak/ http://www.sammobile.com/2014/02/21/galaxy-s5-variants-to-be-called-galaxy-s5-and-galaxy-s5-prime/ mentioned here also http://www.ibtimes.com/samsung-galaxy-s5-release-date-approaches-6-most-conflicting-specs-rumors-upcoming-device-1557414 there was also something about a case listing on amazon mentioning both versions of the s5 (and "prime") it very well could have been hot air but in my world i like to think they will drop a beefed up s5 "prime" right around my birthday. THOUGHTS?
  10. I posted this question yesterday but nobosy seemed to notice; Is there anything about the s5 "prime" that was mentioned in many articles prior to the unveiling. Has anything been seen or heard that would imply that it was only a false rumor or that maybe it will be announced later in the year...never.... maybe i should gfm....you know...
  11. i heard a lot about a s5 model being announced along with a s5 "prime." has anything been said about a prime since the unveiling?
  12. dannible

    gs4 OTA

    i downloaded and installed. only thing i notice is that the incoming call avatars are larger
  13. dannible

    gs4 OTA

    I just woke up to a sprint gs4 OTA. forgive me if its already posted, otherwise anybody know what it is?
  14. I ahve noticed most of the sites in the north suburbs from des plaines to glencoe that have accepted 4g have microwave backhaul. or atleast the equiptment for them and the ones that are still not accpeted seem to not have microwave antennas on them and are probably waiting for backhaul. ALSO i have noticed that in the last few weeks my 1x connection over the same area has gone from connecting to 800 smr channel 10 first to connecting to 1900 (right?) band 375 first. i have only connected to smr 800 once since i noticed this and that was inside a building.
  15. im gonna tether unauthorized like a son of a bitch. im gonna give free wifi to homeless
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