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Misinformation... Again...


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His picture is a good representation of him. What a clown... "coming through the 3G towers so you can use a EVDO radio to connect"


All I can say is facepalm


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"You cant fix stupid."


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What really kills me is when people make up their own explanations in blatant ignorance of the easy and obvious documentation, explanation, and educational resources available to them. I don't have the advanced network understanding that so many of you here have. However, I refuse to make up with imagination what Im too lazy or distracted to learn.

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Hmmm...not sure if trolling or actually is serious.


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You would think he is trolling but these guys are just nuts.


I got into somewhat of an argument with some Verizon-lover over @ android central. He was insisting that Verizon had "thousands" of small cells around NYC even though I showed him that the CTO of Verizon said they planned to deploy small cells later this year, and they had yet to deploy a single small cell.


He, without any proof whatsoever, continued to argue that since he lived in New York and with the number of bars he had, he was unequivocally qualified to say how many small cells Verizon had. It was hilarious.

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I saw his speed test results after he switched the radio from WiMax to LTE. He posted them here http://s4gru.com/index.php?/topic/905-sprint-4g-lte-50mbps-max-out-lte-san-antonio/page__hl__planetearth


50Mbps download, maybe Sprint should be putting converted WiMax radios in all their new phones... :rofl:

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    • Yet another "Carrier" move: T-Mobile users have only now discovered sneaky change made in May
    • Went to Hurricane Harbor again this past weekend, this time testing Verizon and T-Mobile. In my testing, Verizon is now the fastest carrier, at least on the Hurricane Harbor sector. Despite it being pretty overcast on Saturday with temperatures in the mid-80's the park was at full capacity.  Verizon had 160MHz of n77 and T-Mobile now has 160MHz of n41. On LTE I was seeing speeds in the range of 50-100Mbps while T-Mobile's LTE on was completely swamped, barely crossing 3Mbps. While both carriers only have a single high capacity sector (facing Great Adventure, Verizon benefits from having CBRS deployed on all sectors. This is an extra 60-100MHz of capacity that T-Mobile doesn't have. Maybe when T-Mobile gets around to deploying their C-band we'll see a boost in speeds again to be more competitive with Verizon. On the 5G side of things, T-Mobile's speeds were just over half that of Verizon.  That said, neither carrier was slow and I had zero issue using Xbox Cloud Gaming on T-Mobile despite their weaker upload speeds and higher ping.  
    • I think the newer ones have signal bars on them. I took a photo of one in Red Hook a month or two ago that had the same design.
    • Well well, looks like we found one of the two Link5G towers that might actually have 5G. Notice anything different? This one has the same signal bars icon that the pole mounted 5G oDAS units have. It’s in Chinatown at East Broadway and Forsyth St. It’s impossible to tell what carrier it is, though.
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