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  1. Wireless providers are also regulated until Title II, though with many parts of it excluded(and that it only apply to the 'phone' component). The FCC's 'Open Internet' policy included some rules that covered wireless as well(such as banning carriers from blocking VoIP). I'm interested in seeing if provisions such as these will be included in the FCC's regulatory policy when they are expected to announce reclassification next month. Open Internet didn't seem to prevent things like T-Mobile's "Music Freedom" from happening, though if that will still be the case will the case in the future, I'm not so confident. Sprint's support for the measure would hopefully make the public more aware of the importance of the topic.
  2. But AFAIK, the new customer would be placed under the account holder of the original Framily(as in liability & the billing would go to the existing Framily), which goes against one of the sale points that made this plan palpable(separate bills).
  3. AFAIK, the $60 2GB(the contract plan) does not include the bonus GB; but is offered on the MORE everything plans(which also has a $60 plan, though if you want a device, you'll have to pay full retail or buy through EDGE). I can definitely see VZW subscribers switching to the plan, though I do wonder how long Verizon will be willing to hold on to contract-based plans. I wouldn't expect their subscriber base to consider Sprint for at least another year, by then it should be clear if Verizon is willing to complete with T-Mobile & Sprint full-heartedly in value(data tier or price). Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  4. Can someone else confirm that new customers can't get a iPhone on the regular $60 plan? Both the main & my school's discount website only allow purchase with the $50 plan. Personally, I wouldn't keep a phone for longer than a few months & with the discount, It'll be cheaper to get the $60 plan.
  5. I don't see how a new CEO is going to make Network Vision go any faster. Saw has been at Sprint and we've been some deployment improvements for some time, and Sprint isn't cash-strapped like it was when NV originally started.
  6. Back on topic, I doubt that Illiad ever intended for this bid to be accepted, but it does introduce another possible buyer for TMUS, which will have an effect on any future bid by Softbank from a regulatory perspective. Son will have to see if this pushes down the chance of the deal getting approved to the point that it would no longer be worthwhile. DT has no interest in remaining in the U.S. market and would be open to outside investment; as for how much Illiad is willing(and able to) pay & if other buyers arise, time will tell. It would be interesting to see how a new majority shareholder that isn't Softbank would affect the proposed joint-spectrum venture.
  7. Searching the title with Google usually works. http://www.google.com/search?q=With+shouts+and+hugs%2C+Sprint+boss+Masayoshi+Son+drives+turnaround+at+struggling+wireless+carrier&oq=With+shouts+and+hugs%2C+Sprint+boss+Masayoshi+Son+drives+turnaround+at+struggling+wireless+carrier&aqs=chrome..69i57&sourceid=chrome&espv=210&es_sm=93&ie=UTF-8
  8. I'm thinking that a Sprint/T-Mobile/Dish deal seems very likely considering all the recent developments in the past few weeks. I believe that T-Mobile will be mention by name at some point during next week's event, as for if Sprint will outright say that they're looking to acquire T-Mobile, that seems unlikely at this time. I would also expect that the Dish/Sprint broadband trials would also be mentioned, talking up about how both companies are committed to rural broadband, and something about how great of a partner Dish truly is. In all, I believe that the current plan in the works is that any bid that Sprint might make would be a joint bid with Dish, in which Sprint gets the subs & PCS, and Dish gets the infrastructure(along with Sprint's support to get Dish's HW/Handsets/Spectrum up and running). As for 700 & AWS, where that ends up would be on how long does Sprint expect to take to move subs over to their side. Feds gets their 4 carriers. DT gets paid. Son gets to compete. Ergen gets his network. One big happy Framily℠...
  9. Thanks for the help. I really been looking forward to returning to Sprint after leaving when things were so bad here in NYC back in 2012. I usually don't go to 3rd party stores, but this was the closest to me, and my T-Mobile service already lapsed. I definitely will try to make a effort to go back to this store before the end of the week, and specifically ask them to get the contract removed(which should, in theory, remove the Framily fee).
  10. Never initial that box on either copies of the service agreement, though I'll try to go back to that store in a few days and have them attempt to take me out of the contract. Sent from my LG-LS980 using Tapatalk
  11. http://imgur.com/le6vVJE http://imgur.com/nLwtFeh When I originally signed up, the rep said that I could drop TEP online, so I did, along with the 2GB buy-up. Don't know why she wrote $40 though, as when I signed up to that particular Framily, I was the 9th line. Edit: I ever actually did drop the 3GB add-on(was planing to, when I saw the Framily charge showed up on My Sprint, and the 3GB add-on was gone).
  12. The particular Sprint store I activated my phone at has said that this fee is systematically applied to all Framily plans(even after I showed them on the service agreement I signed the exact terms of when this fee is charged). So going back to that store wouldn't get me very far(nor would I have the time to do so for the next few days).
  13. I wouldn't(or at least shouldn't) be in contract, has I just got service this Monday(and didn't have Sprint prior to then). Contacted retentions and according to them, the store put me into a contract. They said contact the store(which I already visited), so getting any help from them would be unlikely. So they said wait until I receive my first bill, and they'll go from there. I just hope the bill comes before my 1st 14 days are up.
  14. I decided to join a Framily on Monday, porting in my main number from T-Mobile. However, I've run into an issue. According to My Sprint, I'm being charged a $15 Framily Service Charge, which, according to both the service agreement I signed, and according to the Framily FAQ's on Sprint's website, I shouldn't be charged, as I purchased my phone off-contract & used from a 3rd-party, and didn't move to Framily from a Sprint line still in-contract(as I've never had Sprint service in my name, nor used Sprint in any capacity since 2012). Contacting Sprint CS, they state that on their end, it shows that I've purchased my phone with a discount(I assume they mean either on contract, or via Easy Pay), which I inform them I have not. They then state I should go to the Sprint Store I activated service. The Store told me that the service fee is charged to all Framily customers, and that I can either call CS again, or cancel my service. So before I decide if I go with the latter, is there any way that I can get this fee removed?
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