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HTC EVO 4G LTE Signal Issues?


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Hello all,


What is really odd is when I put the OG EVO and EVO LTE side by side on a table, floor, etc... the EVO LTE wins by a few dB! But once I pick both phones in my hand the OG EVO wins by a few dB? I tried holding both phones in different positions (two fingers at top, bottom, sides, palm holds, etc) but the results were always the same: OG EVO in hand and EVO LTE laying down? What is kinda odd too is that the OG EVO gains a few dBs when it is being touched but the EVO LTE almost loses some sometimes? I know a lot of you guys are really knowledgeable in this area and could explain why this happens? I don't have an EVO 3D but everyone is saying that both the OG EVO and EVO 3D both blow away the EVO LTE in signal strength and that simply isn't true from my testing! During my testing either device was 1-3dB from each other like i described above and I don't call that huge, but maybe I'm wrong?


Also I can almost never get a lock on GPS with my EVO LTE when indoors? I used to (still do) get a lock on my OG EVO in a few seconds, even indoors but on the EVO LTE it simply flashes the GPS icon? I also, again, put both phones side by side and the OG EVO grabs a GPS signal in aprox 15-60 seconds where the EVO LTE never does (same spot in my house near a window)? Why do you think this is? Even when I stand outside in the middle of grass the EVO LTE takes a bit to get a GPS signal and even then only after a long time does it get to the little blue circle (Google Maps). I haven't noticed any signal loss with WiFi and I haven't tried Bluetooth range yet as I don't use a headset. Has anyone else had issues with a GPS lock indoors or even outdoors taking some time?


Don't get me wrong I love my EVO LTE and I had the option to change it for the SGS3 but I prefer HTC to Samsung phones. I love Samsung displays but they just never update their phones. Their GS2 on Sprint is still on Gingerbread! I bet we get Jellybean for the EVO LTE by next year where Samsung GS3 will probably be two years or never. The battery is also amazing as I've been able to pull 2 days 10+ hours with mild use! Whoot! But why would HTC hide the power management options like the EVO 3D and my OG EVO (Sense 2.1 ROM) had (see story below)? I like that the phone automatically turns off my connections from 12-7? but I want the option to change or turn this feature off? I don't want my phone dimming my screen or under-clocking when it feels like it. HTC is a little annoying with the way they have been dealing with customer relations like the internal battery? I want a way to remove my battery easily although I do love my battery on my phone. I just hope I love it in a year after 600+ power cycles? Will I have to send it to HTC or maybe ruin it to change the battery to get a days worth of battery back? HTC has no answers? Why force me to not remove my battery and then not allow me a way to change the way my phone manages it? WTF HTC?




And the only time my phone has ever gotten hot is when I connected my MHL adapter. The battery just dropped very rapidly over the short half hour I used the adapter. And I have a Menotek Micro USB to HDMI MHL Adapter which I bought on Amazon for $12.99. The picture is amazing in 1080p on both a Samsung 51inch Plasma and 46inch Vizio! It also has RCP so I could use my TV remote controls to control the items on my phone. It worked enough to change pictures but not to do normal functions completely. The extremely fast battery drain and heat scared me a little but both stopped when I removed the MHL adapter. Also the USB charging didn't work on my EVO LTE so I couldn't change my phone like most people say you can. My Samsung didn't even need the power cable to be plugged in to work while the Vizio did. The picture is automatically underscanned so you have to change the screen size on your TV to get it to fit properly. I guess they did this as some TVs do not have a way to overscan. Also as soon as you plug in the MHL adapter an HDMI logo appears and the whole phone screen goes to landscape mode, even the homescreen! I don't know why HTC didn't enable landscape view of the homescreen out of MHL mode as I know many people like it and they have it built in for MHL HDMI mode. Everything displayed great like viewing Google Maps on my TV, phone calls, Flixster, Gallery, etc.


The Gallery app has a great option to press play and it shows all your pictures with music and great transition animations very easily! I could even use the phone as a controller while I play games on my huge TV via the EVO LTE! Lag was minimal if any and everything looks great in 1080p. There are even little textures on everything in sense that you can see in 1080p that you normally can't see on the phone. I could get everything to play via my TV such as HBO Go,Netflix, YouTube, Comcast Xfinity app and more AWESOME! It's great as the old OG EVO would only show apps like the Gallery and YouTube after the apps were started and running where the MHL adapter allows you to see every-screen like a duplicate of your phone only in 1080p! I mean it could be done on the OG EVO but required root and toying around with and many ROMs wouldn't work via HDMI mirroring. With an MHL adapter you could make the EVO LTE into your home computer with a few special dock screens apps and a keyboard mouse combo addon. But the heat and battery issues scare me enough to want to get more info before I do it again! Has anyone else used an MHL adapter?


If you guys have any solutions or ways to fix any of these issues let me know. I'm also not rooted yet as I wanted to keep it stock for as long as I can.





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My sister complains about the 3G connection on her EVO LTE. She says she gets disconnected from the internet way too frequently even though she has sufficient signal. I'm not sure if it's just Sprint's inferior network or the EVO LTE. I told her to update the PRL and profile but I'm not sure if she did, she probably doesn't know how.

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I'm actually seeing the same signal issue on my NIB EVO LTE. At my house, which normally pulls -80, -90dB signal due to the tower being line of sight 2 blocks away, the EVO actually drops calls, and dips sometimes into -100dB.


Not sure what the issue is, but even my Galaxy Nexus didn't do that.

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