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  1. I just can't believe that the Note 3 couldn't have at minimum been dual band?! I mean the iPhone 5S has been in development since last summer at least so the largest phone manufacturer and parts supplier in the world couldn't have figured something out? This totally killed my interest in the Note 3. Samsung lost 2 Note 3 sales because of this, unless it really does change which I also doubt. I could have dealt with it being dual band 800/1900 as I probably won't ever be in range of the tiny 2.5/2.6 footprint to ever get that type of signal. 5th
  2. Why would Samsung release a version on Sprint of the Note 3 which is single band and at least not dual band 1900/800? I just can't understand this? Doesn't the new Triband LG use the same chipset? I really wanted the note 3 but if it is single band LTE I won't get it as I don't want to be stuck with single band for two years?! I wouldn't mind dual and I'd love tri but that won't happen, lol. Sprint should send Samsung packing but they are so desperate right now with all of their problems they will take crap out of the back of a cow right now. 5th
  3. The Sprint version Note 3 has finally cleared the FCC, can someone give us a rundown or an article like you guys have done on the front page for new phones like RF info, etc? Or in this thread if you have it now? EDIT: The one thing I do love about my EVO LTE is that when I'm on a call I can still surf the web! My car broke down recently and I needed this to use GPS and some other stuff while waiting on a ten hour, lol, hold. Thanks, 5th
  4. I have an Airave that works well but it's still annoying. Mine will never sync up with my local tower so when I leave my house I drop every call (Airave is meant to connect to nearest tower to hand-off the call although it cannot take a hand-off from a tower EG: Coming home and having the tower transfer to in-home Airave). It works well and they have worked out the text message issues which plagued it for what seemed like years. You don't want to use data through it even though it will do 3G (although limited to approx 2-2.5MB/sec down and 0.5MB/sec up but high pings either way) but you'll wan
  5. AJ, plus aren't the SIMs on Sprint only for LTE? Meaning that you won't be able to get a new phone in a year after you buy the HTC One and pop out the SIM and put it in the new phone and expect it to work. I just want to clarify for those who might be reading and think they can. Sprint phones still require programming correct? Al o when do you think Sprint will get rid of 1X & CDMA and use Voice over LTE solely? Thanks for all your hard work AJ. And get back on vacation Robert!
  6. AJ, could you give a quick reply to my 1st post above based on white paper specs (HTC ONE vs SGS4)? Thanks, 5th
  7. I really want the HTC ONE as it looks amazing and I love the stereo speakers and aluminum design. Also I love Sense! However the battery on my EVO LTE is already degrading pretty fast and the non-removable battery and microSD card have really killed it for me. I could even live without the microSD but the removable battery is a serious issue. When I retired my OG EVO I bought a new battery on Amazon and it was back to running near original from that day. I can't say the same for the EVO LTE without sending it in for a new battery, which I will never do. 5th
  8. Great article bro! So as far as bands can you give me a quick rundown on which device (HTC ONE vs SGS4) would be the better RF performer by band? I'm sure many are dying to see how they stack up band by band vs devices. Thanks in advance, 5th
  9. I know, I always disable everything right away and almost everyone I know that has me setup their phones has me disable it. It definitely sucks battery to have the camera running every second the screen is on. I also don't want my phone watching my every move, literally! I'm already uncomfortable with Google Now watching everything I do but I allow it for convenience. But actually watching me is a scary thought! Imagine if ZTE or Huawei had something like this! I'm tired of gimmicks! Give me a new battery tech that lasts a week or a new type of screen that has force feedback! And the new Touch
  10. I love Sense 4+! It is Android with skins and a better theme. Sense blows TouchWiz out of the water! My cuz has a GS2 with JB and TouchWiz looks like a kids coloring book phones with it's appearance. I'm not a huge fan of the blue and black but sense makes it look cool. Sense 5 looks too cartoony and non-sense (hehe).
  11. I got a big so I'm not worried about it. LMAO, great fun!
  12. themuffinman wake up bro! It was you an me fighting in the HTC forum about LTE issues on the EVO LTE! I agree I'm willing to wait for Robert or one of the team to go over the phone first before I pass judgement but I'm not buying into HTC's info without good proof that there are no issues like on the EVO LTE. I really love the new HTC One design and IR Blaster makes me want to get it just for it alone but I'm not too fond of the Sense 5 software AT ALL! And if their camera isn't as good as they say the phone will be DOA and HTC can start getting their Chapter 11 started. But if it is, well the
  13. I get the same box that pops up. Just click "Don't ask me again" and "Continue" and wait a few minutes for it to load. I am using Firefox Beta 20. The box simply means in layman's that the script that is trying to load (maps) is very processor and RAM intensive and doesn't immediately report back to the system which makes Firefox think it's stopped working. But as I said above don't worry about it. 5th
  14. Welcome sbeezy! I was a lurker a long time before I signed up too. It's Bourbon Country not county, so me thinks you've already had enough, LMAO! j/k! And Robert didn't lock the booze up... psssssss, he's what you call a lush. He comes on late at night posting gibberish about new LTE sites just installed on Mars and Antarctica. LOL 5TH
  15. Welcome PDX! I'm personally Jealous of Chicago and their great LTE web. 5th
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