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Sprint PrePaid (Boost) to get iPhone?


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It appears that this rumor has been debunked, unless of course Sprint is planning on carrying the low end 4S and the 4 on Boost when the next iPhone comes out this fall.



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How about iPhone 4 & 4S for Virgin Mobile?


That would be nice for prepaid offering.


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I don't agree with the article 9to5 made. The logic is not sound. They basically said it was not going to happen, because the device would be coming out as the new iPhone comes out.


Plus someone in the comments made the point that boost and virgin's newest phones are last year phones for sprint. Also I am sure sprint wants to get rid of as many iPhones as they can. Plus with cricket getting the iPhone, people could leave boost/virgin to get the iPhone.


I also think both need to open up their network to other sprint devices. Have a BYOCDMA.

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