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EOL for Samsung Epic and Samsung Conquer 4G


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Had my Epic since launch day. Still going strong. Just wish they had put more storage space in it. almost every time one of my apps needs an update I have to try and find space to clear so that it installs.

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And still on an awesome run especially with CM9. Love the phone still. I just can't give up my keyboard on my devices after 11 yrs of having them. I don't even like typing on my Touchpad tablets keyboard. Wish it had a slide out. I will grab my phone if I need to type.


Sent from my C64 w/Epyx FastLoad cartridge

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Sprint said they would only sell WiMax devices up to the end of this year. But the rapid discontinuation of smartphones so far this year just seems too soon. And with only 3 LTE phones and a tri-network broadband card, the pickings are getting slim


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