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  1. Um why you didnt get cable internet? just wondering
  2. I really wish Time Warner would bump up the upload side for Standard Internet. I will be happy with just 2mbps upload lol
  3. What kind of modem you have? and please post the signal level too
  4. Just a quick question. Is Mifi 4082 line is still under contract? If not, you can cancel that line and switch over to Millenicom. Its cost $69 a month with "unlimited" data with your device. Although, their print said Usage over 50 gigabytes in one month will alert our investigative team. Check it out at http://millenicom.com/
  5. I read somewhere that Sprint is deploying 4G LTE release 10. Software update all is need to upgrade to LTE Advanced Anyway, Samsung just announced Galaxy S4 in different colors. Thinking about getting blue one Blue is my favorite color haha http://www.technobuffalo.com/2013/06/21/new-galaxy-s4-colors-red-blue-pink-red-brown/
  6. Do you know when Galaxy S4 with tri-band LTE / or Galaxy S4 tri-band LTE with Snapdragon 800 come out? I dont know if my Samsung Epic 4G can last few months longer lol
  7. So should I hold off buying Galaxy S4?
  8. Galaxy S4. Removable SD and Battery
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