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  1. Network Vision/LTE - San Diego Market

    All of the Mobilitie sites I’ve come across have had omni directional antennas. Have you heard of any multi-sector Mobilitie sites? One of the carriers in LA is deploying 3 sector small cells on lampposts with Ericsson gear, but it’s not Mobilitie/Sprint.
  2. This would be a smart strategy. I would add: Concentrate initially on densely populated areas with good ROI potential. Generate a great reputation in those markets and combine it with great marketing. It’s basically borrowing a page from the T-MOBILE playbook. Then, when the cash starts flowing, build out the rest of the network.
  3. IBEZ 800MHz Retrofit

    Any idea of what currently exists at that site?
  4. Network Vision/LTE - LA Metro Market

    From the "Only in Hollywood" files: This site is in the Netflix documentary "Long Shot" at about 29 minutes in. Cell sites, murder, "Curb Your Enthusiasm" and a Dodger Game... who knew?
  5. Network Vision/LTE - LA Metro Market

    A lot of the Mobilitie sites I've seen in this market do have Cascade IDs on the equipment, but you need a really good telephoto lens or binoculars to read them.
  6. Network Vision/LTE - LA Metro Market

    This is the first Mobilitie small cell that I've seen in the West San Fernando Valley. This one is in Reseda.
  7. Network Vision/LTE - LA Metro Market

    There are a lot of small cells in LA Metro. Sprint uses Mobilitie and its own oDAS system and mini-macros in the hills. Verizon has tons of small cells and is on a lot of the Philips SmartPoles scattered around LA proper. T-Mobile took over a lot of the MetroPCS oDAS system plus a few new strand cells have been popping up on Crown Castle's fiber system. AT&T has mostly been densifying with macro sites, but that may be changing.
  8. iPhone 8, 8+, X announced

    This thread is becoming inflammable, but definitely not flammable.
  9. Network Vision/LTE - LA Metro Market

    There have been some positive B26 developments on the maps. Just trying to find it out in the wild now.
  10. Network Vision/LTE - LA Metro Market

    I saw firsthand what the improvements at Dodger Stadium might be. https://twitter.com/JGSprintWest/status/894624226510069761 It looks like a multi-sector / multi-beam antenna has been installed pointing toward the stadium. Apologies for the terrible, impressionistic photo, but the rightmost wide panel is the multi-sector antenna:
  11. VZW Equipment spotting

    Here's some Verizon ODAS equipment in the Porter Ranch area of Los Angeles. They use Flexwave Prism gear just as Sprint does on their ODAS sites, but of course the antenna panels are different. Usually Sprint paints theirs brown as well. Because of the modular functionality of the Flexwave Prism, the outputs aren't labeled by frequency, but by internal module bay.
  12. Network Vision/LTE - LA Metro Market

    Here's a Mobilitie site in the NoHo area: I'm working on a map, but it's going to be a while before I can share it.
  13. Network Vision/LTE - LA Metro Market

    These aren't small cells, but they're kind of rare: Single sector GMO macro sites (non-omnidirectional). (That's a Verizon site across the street.) Pretty decent speeds too:
  14. Network Vision/LTE - LA Metro Market

    I'll try to post some photos this weekend.
  15. Are there 18 RF ports on that antenna? How does that break down to 3 sectors from 8T8R radios?