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  1. If I remember correctly Verizon has phones hold LTE much longer than it would if the phone were just active with data, etc. when a phone is on a VoLTE call, because even at the weakest of signals data can still be transmitted, the data rate is just so low it's not good for anything other than the very low data rates used by VoLTE. I imagine Sprint will do the same with their LTE network.
  2. Network Vision/LTE - San Diego Market

    I'm surprised actually, those small cells don't look bad at all.
  3. Recent (12/2017) Japan roaming experience

    Ping times are high because your data is rerouted through Sprint's servers in the US. T-Mobile does the same thing, even if you high speed data you end up with a high ping because it goes through the US. That's in advantage in places like China that have censorship because it means you can access sites that are normally blocked. Thomas
  4. Hello all! So I have a Le Max 2 - it's a decent phone other than the fingerprint reader, at least once you put a custom ROM on it, but it has pretty could custom ROM support. I bought it because I currently live in China and it supports TD-SCDMA and band 38/39/40/41 for China Mobile, but it also supports BC0/1 CDMA and 25/26/41 for Sprint and 2/4/12 for T- Mobile. The only thing it doesn't support is BC10 CDMA. The only issue is it's totally unrecognized by US carriers. I have heard that Sprint will now whitelist IMEIs - I was wondering if there should be any problems with this? How does Sprint activate devices now? In the old days it was NV programming - is it now based on RUIM/SIM and the IMEI whitelist? Do I have to go into a store to get it whitelisted? Thanks all! Thomas
  5. XFinity Mobile

    Can you activate it on any Verizon phone?
  6. [Discontinued] Sprint Tmobile merger Disc.

    Four seems to be the magic number for competition, France had three carriers and Canada has three carriers, both having awful prices and customer service. When France added Free, a fourth carrier (the French T-Mobile), prices dropped dramatically. Canada of course still has three providers and has the most expensive wireless service in the developed world after the US. If this merger happens, nothing good will come of it. I am crossing my fingers it fails.
  7. Hotspot gives you more versatility, you can usually use it as wired connection via USB, and also via wi-fi when you don't want to do that. It's basically 2-in-1
  8. Calling Plus (VoLTE "Lite")

    /So this is essentially wi-fi calling, but instead of using a wi-fi connection for data it uses LTE for data?
  9. Network Vision/LTE - LA Metro Market

    What is the purpose of the Band 25 MFBI on AT&T
  10. Sprint 3xCA ?

    Hi all, Sorry to semi-resurrect a thread, but I figured it would be better than starting a new one. I'm curious about when we can expect to see higher speeds on band 41 uploads? I read that there was something involving CA or something similar for uploads as well that was in the pipeline, even if it's a long term thing. I'd appreciate any guidance, Thanks! Thomas
  11. Like most of these new technologies, they seem to start off with higher end phones and then will make their way down the line.
  12. I think he means that theoretically Band 25 has approximately 90% of the range of Band 2/4.
  13. Network Vision/LTE - LA Metro Market

    Same, everything I saw says Sprint has been CUTTING capex massively.
  14. SoftBank AXGP network (Band 41 TDD LTE)

    Sprint actually offers a $5 add-on for unlimited data, text and voice in Japan. There are different reports about speeds, they look pretty good according to the post below! http://www.howardforums.com/showthread.php/1881304-Sprint-s-5-Japan-Add-On-Works-Well
  15. Network Vision/LTE - San Diego Market

    Things seemed to have slowed down in expansion generally speaking on Sprint, and actually on T-Mobile too, T4GRU is a ghost town. Sprint drastically reduced CapEx for 2016, and any expansion they do will likely be pushed back to 2017 - right now it's holding pattern style. T-Mobile is still expanding a large amount, but just minimally to get LTE upgrades done and establish minimum service it seems - they're holding on to their money for the 600mhz auction.
  16. I didn't even know there were any devices that couldn't update their PRL ota.
  17. It's an interesting move. I prefer the Sprint/Verizon/T-Mobile version because it has TD-SCDMA that I need when I go to China and just better worldwide compatibility. i'm very interested to see what the band support will look like on the versions provided by Intel.
  18. Network Vision/LTE - LA Metro Market

    It's why I had to leave them, same thing in the South Bay (San Jose). I just don't understand it. LA really just needs more sites, I don't think B26 will fix the problems, it will just end up overloaded. PS. This isn't a bashing post, I want Sprint to be awesome because their plans offer good value and good competition is awesome. I just don't get how it's still so bad.
  19. Xiaomi Mi5 Rumor Thread

    Why wouldn't they permit this phone on the network with BYOD? It has one of the widest ranges of network compatibility that I've seen, outside of the iPhone, and I would love to have a phone I could use on Sprint, T-Mobile, and on the various mobile networks in China and Europe.
  20. I wish this thread were more active. I'm curious, what are people's experience with Sprint in the South Bay now compared to six months ago? How much time do you spend on LTE? I was in San Jose with my friend last week and his iPhone was on 3G probably around 50% of the time, which is about what it was when I left Sprint at the end of the summer, which seems crazy to me.
  21. OpenSignal Report 2/2016

    I think it's because in many areas T-Mobile built with a site density that was designed for GSM, which had a lesser range than CDMA on the same frequency and thus leads to better reliability/more time on LTE. Even in the podunk areas of California I frequent nowadays, I am on LTE almost all the time, and almost all the rest of the time I'm on HSPA+. I have no idea why, but Sprint seems to fall back to 3G really easily in my experience. That sad, you can be on T-Mobile LTE and get 0.01 down average speed ith full LTE. In that case, 3G would actually provide better service even though it's thought of as inferior, so there's always a lot of wiggle room with these tests. I don't think anyone expected Sprint to perform all that much better yet, another six months, if they keep up their current pace, might put them closer to T-Mobile, hopefully.
  22. Mosaik purchases Sensorly

    Separate their LTE to make it more accurate it what way?