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  1. I have been dying to start this game on this forum. But the old site and without new content detection, I didn't think it would work well. I play K-A-W/D-A-W on several forums. And now we can play it on Sprint 4G Rollout Updates, too. If you've never played Keep a Word, Drop a Word before, it is really simple. See below... Example Post 1: customer satisfaction Example Post 2: tough customer Example Post 3: tough break Example Post 4: break wind Comprendo? See, it is really simple. For each new post just keep a word from the previous post and drop the other and r
  2. Migrated from Original Forum. Originally Posted 17 November 2011 I wonder if Sprint will have any major phone launches until next summer. Cuz would they release this Nexus with WiMax? That would be lame. It's fatally wounded and diying in the corner. Do they release it with 3G only? They would get laughed off the face of the earth. Samsung and Google probably wouldn't go for it, either. I think Sprint holds out and there is Galaxy Nexus release on the Now netowerk.
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