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  1. meatman1964

    Nexus 7

    I wil stick with my folio case it adjusts to 3 positions in landscape or portrait. $40 is alot for such a limited dock. The lack of volume control from your nexus when using the docks audio jack is a joke people using head sets won't be very happy with it.
  2. nice to see flash still works with the stock browser after the jelly bean update. I was ready to side load flash and firefox to keep flash working like I did on my Nexus 7. I thought flash wasn't supported in jelly bean nice to see it stil works.
  3. Well AJ take on the situation is true. The people in Detroit and Porto Rico were still feeling slighted after clear wire announced they Wouldn't deploy wimax unless they could get federal stimulus funding for these 2 markets. They claimed they couldn't make money in these markets because they were low income areas. clearwires claim insulted a lot of the 4.2 million people in the metro Detroit area.I was definitely pissed when I read there press release which said this. I feel good about Sprints NV plans for Detroit, and still think Sprint dropped the ball when they didn't take a more active roll in clear wire. That is all in the past, and now we can all look forward to the future, and NV. Its best we just try and forget the wimax Slap in the face and move on in Detroit.
  4. meatman1964

    Nexus 7

    I am going to guess it was the glare from the screen. I was reading books on my evo shift, now on my evo 4g lte, and both have some glare from there screens, but the screens are so much smaller than the nexus 7. The glare from the larger screen is probably what got me. My vision was so blurred that I was having a hard time making out traffic signs clearly. I went and order a case and screen protectors from amazon this morning, one of the screen protectors is anti-glare hoping this will take care of the problem.
  5. meatman1964

    Nexus 7

    Never heard of "Fido" but I will take your word on it. I had a weird experience with my nexus 7 today. I bought a book on amazon today and opened it up on my kindle app. I spent a large part of my day reading the whole book, maybee 7-8 hours. By the time I got done my vision was blurred and I was see like a shadow image of every thing. Couldn't even read web pages on my computer with out zooming them out to 150% or greater. I used to read all day on my phone with no problems, this had me freaking out never had anything like this happen. I closed my eyes for a hour didn't sleep and my vision was restored to normal. Something about the display that really fatigued my eyes, never had a experience like this before. Its not uncommon for me to read a whole book on my days off I read a lot.
  6. meatman1964

    Nexus 7

    I got my nexus 7 yesterday also. I having been using my slingbox with it and the picture is looking real good. Definately worth the money. I used mine all afternoon yesterday and alot tonight, the battery life was pretty good. Real happy with the purchase, glad I held out and didn't settle for a kindle fire.
  7. meatman1964

    Nexus 7

    Adorama in NYC was selling them eairlier today but stopped at googles request. http://www.theverge....ource=pulsenews The waiting is bad. I wouldn't mind the wait if they could at least say when my pre-order would ship. This is my first tablet and I am geeked about it. But there was a law suit filed earlier this week claiming patent infringments on the mobile Chrome browser. I wonder if thats whats holding things up. http://www.pcmag.com/article2/0,2817,2407057,00.asp?utm_medium=referral&utm_source=pulsenews
  8. I pre-ordered a nexus 7, of course it is wifi only. So I added a 2gb of hotspot data to my sprint plan for $19.99. I expect to use my new tablet mostly on other wifi sources but when I am out and about, my evo 4g lte should take care of my needs pretty well. Of course now I have to wait on LTE service in my area.
  9. The sad thing is I watched the whole 3 minutes of that video.
  10. meatman1964

    My Evo LTE Died!

    I am not so sure a store manager would be more helpful. When I was having issues with my galaxy nexus the store manager refused to do a refund without a $35 restocking fee even though it was already authorized by sprint. I had plenty of time to listen to her conversations with fellow employees during my 2 hour visit. She was real loud and didn't really care if I was listening, but she was totaly driven by the sales numbers of her store, the performance of her store was real important to her and I am guessing to her wallet. She wasn't very concerned about making a long time customer happy, just how her store loooked to sprint corprate. Never going back to that store miserable experience.
  11. meatman1964

    Jelly Bean

    If they rollout jellybean for the evo 4g lte I might not upgrade. I still have the bad memories of all the problems with my evo shift after the upgrade to gingerbread. If its not broke don't fix it!
  12. meatman1964

    Nexus 7

    Well it looks like I am not the only one dissapointed on the no sd card. I am going to buy the 16 gig and not worry about it. I don't really store a lot of media anyways. I was a little dissapointed in my new evo 4g lte advertising 16 gig when I found out only 2 were available for apps, but I got over it when I put a sd card in. I know they reserve alot of memory for system updates and other system requirements, thats why I think the base 8 gb model is a breaker for me. If you buy the 16 gb model it should have no more than the 8gb models needs for reserved space, and I should at least net the full extra 8gb.
  13. meatman1964

    EVO LTE Heat

    When I am at work I have a hard time getting a decent signal, but I still get a 3g connection most of the the time. Haven't noticed any heat issues. I use my phone for playing netflix, and I stream video from my sling box to my phone alot. I use wi-fi for my streaming no lte in my area for awhile. Still haven't noticed any heat problems, gets a little warm after running sling player for a couple of hours but not too noticeable. The only time I have had serious heat is when I use telenav with my phone charging, then it gets smoking hot.
  14. meatman1964

    Nexus 7

    The kindle fire is a little light in the hardware department. While I want to mainly use the tablet as a e-reader, I would still would like a more capable machine
  15. Well I joined facebook. Everyone told me how great it is.After seeing the mindless posts by my friends, I started to think I was better off without it. I think I will just follow S4gru on this site instead.
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