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  1. I have also had no LTE for 2 weeks here in Cary where I previously had service. I've reported it to Sprint -- they told me they were aware of the site outage but had no estimate for when the site would be back online.
  2. Interesting... I travelled through Greensboro and Winston-Salem today and had the same issue there -- LTE displays for a split second then drops to 3G.
  3. There was custom Sprint disclaimer text on the box that said there is a software carrier lock, but I haven't tried it myself. Sent from my Nexus 5 using Tapatalk
  4. Yeah, I'm pretty bummed about it! I honestly was expecting it to only be an issue with Google Play devices, but something's definitely wrong with my device as well. Sent from my Nexus 5 using Tapatalk
  5. I just received my Nexus 5 from Sprint and have been unable to connect to LTE at all with it. I believe that I was within range of an active band 41 site, but I'm unable to confirm that... "LTE" briefly displays over the signal bar, but never connects and switches back to 3G. Sent from my Nexus 5 using Tapatalk
  6. I remember reading very similar statements last year when Sprint's acquisition of Clearwire was just a rumor. The SoftBank acquisition had already been announced and people argued that Sprint had too much on its plate to take on any more. I agree that any sort of T-Mobile deal probably won't happen any time soon, but Sprint has surprised us before
  7. I highly recommend looking through Sprint's formal complaint. There are some seriously awesome quotes in there. "There is nothing at the end of Dish's rainbow" sticks out . Also, there's a lot of really interesting info in it that I don't think we knew before.
  8. The cabinets in your new pic look like legacy Motorola cabinets to me, not NV. When I first started tower stalking, I originally thought those cabinets were Network Vision as well since there are so few pics of the new ALU ones here . Here's an album of some pictures I have of NV ALU cabinets: http://imgur.com/E7fLSUW,fjtUrlL,w229fq7,GGhYt7m. I can try to go back and get some clearer shots of the fronts of these cabinets. They seem have a habit of installing them with the fronts facing away from the fence, so it's often hard to get a good view!
  9. Oh man. I really don't like this! I'm under the impression that Sprint *needs* control of Clearwire -- it gives them a huge advantage. Assuming that shareholders are now in favor of Dish once again, this only leaves Sprint with 2 options: vastly increase their offer yet again, or surrender Clearwire to Dish, merge with Dish, and acquire Clearwire's assets by way of that. Obviously, the second option is what Dish is trying to force Sprint into. I'm very interested (and worried!) to see how Sprint plays Charlie's game. He's a good player.
  10. Only ~40% of Sprint's sites in the Raleigh/Durham market have had Network Vision upgrades so far, and an even smaller percentage of them have received LTE upgrades. It is very common to pick up a signal from an upgraded LTE tower that's 1 or 2 towers away from the closest tower to you -- there's quite a bit of overlap. Since LTE speeds are highly dependent on signal strength, you probably won't see super fast speeds while you're in an area where the closest tower has not been upgraded but you can still connect to LTE. When I'm in an area with good LTE signal strength I commonly see 20+ megabit
  11. http://www.marketwatch.com/story/dish-pursues-co-development-of-fixed-mobile-broadband-offering-2013-05-24 Dish has formed a partnership with nTelos... I wonder what implications this has for Sprint, considering Sprint's existing partnership with them. I'd imagine that the true purpose of this is to somehow advance Dish's bid for Sprint...
  12. As far as I'm aware they haven't even announced the Raleigh market as in-progress yet. It seems like work has stalled a bit here, though. They installed new antennas and RRUs on a tower near me nearly 2 months ago and they haven't been back since then to install the new cabinets. Argh!
  13. There's no way of saying at this point afaik. I recently found a fairly new tower around Raleigh (came online mid-2012 from what I can tell) that Sprint is on, so there's definitely a chance. Looking at Sprint's coverage map shows 2 "recent" towers and 1 "future" tower in the Raleigh area as well, but nothing at the location you linked. I have no idea how up to date that info is, though.
  14. It's definitely coming from that tower (which, if it's the tower I think you're referring to, is the same as the Jones Franklin/440 tower.) LTE seems to be off on it today, though.
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