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  1. My Airave 4 finally shipped! ETA of May 29th!
  2. Incognito mode helped. It might be a cache or cookie thing.
  3. Got it. It's not in my account though under devices.
  4. Can you link that or share how to get to that (where it shows all the orders)?
  5. I personally don't think Sprint took the system that far. It's possible but it's much easier just to IP locate and restrict from their website. Plus they could have stopped me at checkout with the shipping address but they didn't. There could also be reasons to allow any shipping address. I'm more curious what happens over the phone. Will they just say no?
  6. So after some thinking, I decided to pre-order the LG V50 5G from Sprint. I hate leasing phones and I wasn't planning on getting it but at $14/month, why not? Let's just hope that 5G gets enabled in my market in the next 18 months. I had to use a VPN to order it since I'm not in one of the launch markets.
  7. You can disable the WiFi on the Airave 3 by logging into it.
  8. Hopefully who ever made this site: https://rf.jwmaloney.name/sprint-coverage.html can link into the 5G ort map: https://coverageort.sprint.com/IMPACT.jsp? so it would be easier to see where there is 5G.
  9. Any url from the sprint.com domain with "ort" is a test site. Newer sites I don't think use ort anymore but many of them are internal meaning you need to be on their intranet. I guess a few of them slip through and this is one of them. I simply used Google. https://www.google.com/search?q=site%3Asprint.com+"ort"&oq=site%3Asprint.com+"ort"
  10. I found this weird coverage map site from Sprint, I think it's a test site: https://coverageort.sprint.com/IMPACT.jsp? The updated date updates every day. I can't tell of any changes though.
  11. I had to one time leave my Magic Box outside two days straight for emergency internet (cable went out) and it did fine. I shielded it with a large Tupperware upside down and drilled a hole for a weather rated extension cord. It even rained a little. Is Jason sending you like a weather resistant case for the MB? That makes sense.
  12. Jason has answered our questions from the Q&A! https://www.reddit.com/r/Sprint/comments/a8e65e/qa_with_g_jason_schnellbacher_responses/
  13. Jason Schnellbacher (Lead Magic Box Sales, Marketing, Distribution, Deployment and Support from Sprint HQ) is taking questions about the Magic Box over on r/Sprint!
  14. It is showing up for me too, but when I sign in, it goes away. I have the ED1500. I wonder why they're showing the option for new customers where there is a subsidy fee.
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