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  1. I have a few questions: Does the Pixel 6 Pro from Sprint/T-Mobile have an unlockable bootloader? Does the Pixel 6 Pro support 5G CA from different bands (n41 + n71)?
  2. I'll be floored if they fix this. It's been an issue since last December and IDK why if they fix it that it took this long. That is pretty much the only thing stopping me from going to a T-Mo SIM. The fact that a Sprint SIM was still unrestricted I guess was a sign.
  3. I would not recommend this modem for use in a router, it's just too finicky. I got the enclosure from eBay from a private seller and there isn't any information as to what model it is. It's just an M.2 to USB 3.0 adapter with an additional power input. That being said, an update from my original post is that I was able to get OpenWRT to use the Fibocom modem in MBIM mode. This allows for much faster data speeds (100+ Mbps). I actually used GoldenORB Rooter Project, a modded version of OpenWRT. Make sure that you get the HP version of the module if you want to use it on Sprint. Plus all my experiences with it may not translate to the other variants (Lenovo, Dell versions). Another note, I left the Sprint tablet plan for AT&T's as the Sprint one was too aggressive on throttling.
  4. Where did you get RM510 or RM500 at? I see a few "ship now" for sale on Alibaba for $300.
  5. I'm probably going to go with the S20+. I want a 1440p screen and mmWave 5G. I can deal with the bloat if it means better software updates and access to Live Caption. Maybe even the S20 I may consider losing mmWave.
  6. My LG V50 line is now eligible for an early upgrade, however there aren't any offers yet. I'm in the Michigan market. I have 6 months left to go of my lease. I assume once I get some type of notification the offers will be applied. Anyone else see the same? I wonder if they are targeting V50 users to offer V60 upgrades? I'd prefer the S20 series more just because of the 1440p display and better security patch updates. I do like the dual screen option of the V60 however.
  7. Some additional information about how T-Mobile plans to upgrade legacy Sprint 5G customers: I'm glad that they aren't just restricting it to just customers in prior Sprint 5G markets.
  8. Just got a text, Sprint is shutting down their 5G network today it seems:
  9. The offer also works for lease payments: https://www.cnet.com/news/t-mobile-to-redeploy-sprints-midband-5g-spectrum-in-new-york-in-may/
  10. I don't think so. In the CNET article, they talk about an 18 month lease which Sprint only does. Sprint's S20 will get an update to connect to T-Mobile's 5G so there's no issue there.
  11. I had one of these near my old house for Sprint. Still to this day it's still on B25 only.
  12. Sprint has created the landing page for Sprint/T-Mobile merger. If the rumors for the merger finalizing tomorrow are true, the link should work: sprint.com/merger Right now you'll see a 404 page error but if you look at the url, it changes to: sprint.com/en/landings/welcome-to-tmo.html?ECID=vanity:tmomerger. It's probably a welcome to T-Mobile page.
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