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  1. A tech. rep. relayed to me today that a fix for the "Wi-fi Calling is unable to determine your location. It's recommended to change your location method to high accuracy" bug that came to the Note 8 with Pie/One ui is scheduled to be patched within a few days. Also said that VoLTE may arrive for the note 8 as early as mid April.
  2. The three lone Sprint LTE towers in East Kentucky (Paintsville, Prestonsburg & Allen) are all VoLTE active. Not complaining, but how strange!
  3. fizzicsguy

    LG V30

    I can verify, VoLTE is now live on my V30+.
  4. Noticed this on the way to work this morning, Appalachian wireless LTE with simultaneous Sprint 1x once again.
  5. East Kentucky is on the VOLTE rollout list and my phone still uses Appalachian Wireless over T-Mobile where both are available. In fact I've never noticed (yet) my phone picking up a T-Mob site.
  6. Alas, things have reverted back to the way they were. It was a great few days though. ?
  7. Sounds exactly like the call I had with tech support back when I was trying to sort out extended roaming with Appalachian wireless. Even second-tier support seemed to not understand what extended roaming really meant. However on a more exciting note, for the last few days I've been holding Appalachian B12 LTE while still connected to Sprint 800. I am one happy camper!
  8. fizzicsguy

    LG V30

    System update was just pushed for the V30. May security patch.
  9. This should be a new contest for S4GRU: $5 per guess as to why danlondish345 was banned from said property.
  10. Happened to my v30 last night as well, will try and test this afternoon.
  11. Maybe the difference is between traditional roaming (counts against your roaming limit) and roaming on extended LTE (which does not). I have seen SCP show Sprint 1X and Appalachian LTE simultaneously but when this happens it is very short-lived and I do not actually have data availability. The LTE signal quickly goes away and only the 1X remains. Of course this raises the question: Once T-Mobile roaming is activated and only Sprint 1X is available will phones connect to T-Mobile LTE if available? Will T-Mobile roaming be traditional or extended?
  12. East KY here. Check out the coverage map between Paintsville, Prestonsburg, and Pikeville. 4 lone Sprint towers. Pikeville is 3G, the two around Prestonsburg are Band 25, and Paintsville has a single tri-band tower. But the entire region has extended LTE via Appalachian Wireless with excellent coverage on Band 12. Paintsville's 1x800 signal has amazing reach and creates a huge area of exclusion for the Extended LTE. I don't mind as long as I can text and make calls, the frustrating part is when it hangs on when it shouldn't in the fringe areas and I can't make or receive calls.
  13. I wish. I live with a native Sprint 1x800 signal that seems to go on forever, even though I'm surrounded by great Extended LTE. I wish I could use both simultaneously. In fact, this makes some of the areas on the Sprint coverage map a lie. If the area has Extended LTE available, the coverage map will show that. But if native Sprint 1x is also in the area, you will never connect to that Extended LTE.
  14. Sprint's coverage map now has KX05HO025 (Pikeville, KY) as 3G only now. I never picked an LTE signal from any band on that tower.
  15. fizzicsguy

    LG V30

    Go into updates and try and force it, earlier today it didn't work but just now it did. Downloading now. Sent from my LG-LS998 using Tapatalk
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