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  1. I'm having the opposite experience. All the phones in the house seem to pick up the A4 for voice and stay with it really well. This happens even though fringe 1X800 is around.
  2. So how do I get this voodoo-magic fix to come on over to my Airave? All solid green except flashing red LTE... Completely willing to sacrifice a bucket of KFC chicken bones to get it working.
  3. The LTE light has never gone green, always flashing red. Called support once and the explanation was is that LTE service wasn't provided in my area.?.? Going to try calling back today and see if I get different results.
  4. Thanks. I'll let it stew overnight and maybe I'll see green in the morning.
  5. Also in a non-Magic Box area, so possibility.
  6. Finally received my replacement unit this afternoon. Took about 20 minutes for it to configure itself, but all lights green now except LTE. Also blinking red.
  7. After calling back support, apparently I have a bad unit and they're sending a replacement. Fingers crossed for a smooth ordering process!
  8. According to the LED indicators yes. But after 15 or 20 min the cdma goes back to to flashing red too. I assume due to no gps. And yes, chirp is there.
  9. Yes; showing as a Misc. device with an attached number.
  10. Update: The Airave can't seem to get a GPS lock. Tried everything. Curious to see if anyone else has issues with this when their units arrive. The unit will produce a CDMA signal without a GPS lock, but no LTE. Curious how it can do that as I thought CDMA relied heavily on GPS timing.
  11. I can't test that as I do not have a native Sprint LTE connection at my home. Maybe others can when their unit arrives?
  12. In progress. Boot up took a couple minutes, LED's for WAN, Sprint Core connection, LAN, GPS, CDMA, & LTE flashed for about 5 minutes (it really took its time). GPS turns green, then goes back to flashing red after a bit. CDMA connects, but I'm assuming LTE requires a GPS lock. Still tinkering... Will do, as soon as I get some LTE goodness. I am REALLY wondering if this thing will have VOLTE out of the box at this stage.
  13. If this helps anyone, the rep I talked to yesterday had a terrible time ordering. Then finally hinted that wifi calling had to be removed from my account before he was able to get the code to order to go through. I have no idea if that's true, just what the guy mumbled.
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