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  1. Is there somewhere that shows what all the antennas that T-Mobile uses looks like?
  2. I was wondering that myself. Also says something about a $500 upgrade credit.
  3. According to this article, that also used B46 to achieve that high speed (along with N41 and B66). https://www.lightreading.com/5g/t-mobiles-5g-reaches-1gbit-s-and-thats-just-the-beginning/d/d-id/759803?
  4. I JUST got this text message: Sprint has joined T-Mobile. You now have access to expanded coverage on the T-Mobile Network! Also enjoy simultaneous talk and data - no action required by you. FreeMsg
  5. And that's with 60Mhz. Just imagine the speed if/when they bump it up to 100Mhz
  6. I'm on that PRL also, after I got the May security update for S10.
  7. Sprint's coverage map has been updated. It's a little "wonky" right now though. Some Sprint coverage is not showing up until I zoom in. It also looks like it's showing more T-Mobile roaming coverage (namely in Montana).
  8. Now, they just need to deploy the "layer cake" to the rest of the country. Even if it's just 2 layers of the layer cake in rural areas. Now I want some cake. See what you guys did.
  9. Yeah, can anybody figure out what this update does?!
  10. It says S8 and Note 8 and newer. So S9 and Note9 is included, right?
  11. Won't all bands (lowband and midband) move move to 5G eventually?
  12. Anyone having problems updating the YouTube app on your phone? My update gets to about 50% download then stops. I've tried clearing the data for the Google store app and restarting my phone.
  13. Do you think TMobile will deploy B41 in rural areas also? So 5G would be on B71 and B41?
  14. Has anybody else noticed that the Sprint community website (https://community.sprint.com/) has gone read-only?
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