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  1. My s21 has the Sept security update ready for install this morning.
  2. GPS seems to work pretty well for me. Even in my basement.
  3. Now the VoNR option is gone.
  4. Interesting. I have an S21 (Sprint version, now with T-Mobile SIM). And I don't see any of those band switching issues.
  5. Though, I still connect to LTE when making calls when connected to SA 5G. Maybe VoNR isn't activated in my area.
  6. That worked. I enabled it and then immediately restarted my phone. Went back in to look and it's still enabled. Once thing I have noticed (even before I enabled that) is that it seems to take a while to connect to the network after restart.
  7. There is now a VoNR option under Mobile Networks. If I try to enable it, leave the screen and come back, it's disabled.
  8. Downloading August security update now. Also, says the overall stability of my device has been improved.
  9. I was actually able to get to that with whatever is built into the system already, thru the SCP app. I forced it to all N bands (41, 71, 66). I locked onto SA N71, I had data, but phone calls failed.
  10. Ah, ok. So the speed test app would NOT be good to test that. When I do a test on fast.com, i get 6.3Mbps. Upload is 6.5Mbps
  11. Ok, cool. So yeah, I'm a Sprint customer, on TNX (we have T-Mobile SIMs) and the speed test app says I can do 4K video. So no throttling here.
  12. Would a good way to test that be the new "Video" tab in the Speed Test app? And see what the highest video it says you can stream while on the network?
  13. Does anyone know of a way to tell my phone to only do SA 5G?
  14. When on wifi, i've been connection to Sprint B26 (in my basement) a lot lately, which is weird to me. I usually connect to T-Mobile B71 or B12.
  15. Interesting. They dislike T-Mobile that much huh? Also, what does that mean for B26 spectrum? Will they still be buying it?
  16. I've been seeing them "test" SA 5G here on N71 here lately. It comes and goes. I'm on a Sprint Galaxy S21, now with a T-Mobile SIM. In the Cleveland, OH area.
  17. And now the July update is installing. That was a weirdly short time between updates.
  18. June security update downloading now...just in time for July!
  19. Sprint S21 here, with T-Mobile SIM card installed last week. Since the SIM install, I've been seen NSA 5G. Now today, I saw SA 5G pop up. Speed test was slower than NSA, but it was nice to see SA.
  20. Nice to see you can get that kind if speed with just 80
  21. Do you know how much N41 is available there? 80? 100?
  22. That doesn't do anything for me when I try it.
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