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  1. My wife told me yesterday that she just wants to turn her phone off and never use it again. No matter where we go in the Dublin area we have a great signal and 3G but not internet at all. Sprint is giving us a $50 credit each month for the next 3 months and she still wants to leave Sprint. It would be nice if it was get upgraded soon
  2. The cabinet's are under the beecher's but I can get pictures of the panel's. I think that there are AT&T panels too so I will take pictures of both and let you see
  3. Does anyone know if they are upgrading the trower at Coffman high school? Voice works but data is very slow when it works. It has been that way for a week.
  4. It seems like Sprint is putting LTE in all the states around Ohio and not in Ohio except for the 1 tower in Cleveland. Anyone heard a reason why it has not started in Ohio
  5. Do you guys know if the galaxy note 2 can do 800mhz?
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