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  1. I was the only one of my friends who had a useable Internet connection on LTE. I let them all message someone who had an iPhone to let them know that we were okay because only iMessage was working. No calls in or out and no texts went out but did come in. I guess I can thank the fact that sprints LTE network isn't crowded like AT&T and Verizon's are.
  2. What about that weird derecho thing that hit DC a few months back? Could they be blaming it on that?
  3. What is keeping all the 3G only sites not being switched to 3G/4G?
  4. Don't you mean the Noo Yahk core is down?
  5. You could put something out through cydia once a jailbreak is formed for iOS 6
  6. Any idea when the list is going to be updated? What percent complete are we at for Boston? these last 2 updates should have put that % up higher
  7. Also the LTE core is in Springfield that's why it was one of the first places to get LTE. Otherwise I agree I wouldn't have expected it either. I would have assumed that western ma would have been on the end of the Boston rollout
  8. Does a sale at the apple store count towards the number of units sprint needs to sell in their contact?
  9. Plus it isn't as easy as swapping a sim card. You need to do a baseband unlock to remove carrier restrictions that come on the phone. Correct me if I'm wrong but wouldn't that same methodology apply to LTE? I have the 4S on sprint and my friend has it on Verizon. I swapped our sim cards and it did nothing. I can take the sim card out and the phone is still useable. I do understand that it has nothing to do with 3G though.
  10. Booo hiss! If the iPhone hadn't come out where would smart phones be right now? We would be stuck with either crappy windows mobile or ever glitchy palm phones. The iPhone made everyone step up their game and created a now highly competitive market of smart phones. Now if they'd only add gorilla glass to their phones so they don't shatter so easily *types with shards of glass in fingers*
  11. so even though they've combined cdma and lte on one chip, they can't get SVDO on there?
  12. Yes if you can get the prior service provider to unlock the phone from its network restrictions. Theres also a device you can use with the 4S to unlock the phone for any carrier in the world, its just a different sim card tray
  13. My old job allowed me to use my cell during work as long as I wasn't on the phone, which sometimes could be for about an hour. Having the iphOne on AT&T was the best, being able to look up movie times and make reservations while on the phone with a friend. I'm excited for it to start showing up in more sprint phones. Hopefully the new iPhone will finally bring it over to CDMA networks.
  14. Today at the corner of Cabot st andRantoule st in Beverly there was 4g on my moms viper. Pissed I forgot to install a speed test we drove away before I could
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