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  1. Umm, yeah....too much information broham.
  2. So which "guy" are you thanking cuz there were a lot of "guys" who contributed to this thread? If you're gonna single out just one "guy" out of the many "guys" the least you could do is identify said "guy". I had to cut this rant short because the forum will only allow 10 quotation marks per post.
  3. I'm reading this thread with a smile on my face thinking back to how so many wanted HTC/Sprint to push this update out as soon as possible. Well it's here now and -shocker- it's kind of buggy for some. It seems that so many were certain that JellyBean was going to be the holy grail for their phones. The sad part is we'll have the same song and dance for Key Lime Pie and Chunky Monkey and Apple Crisp or whatever silly name Google gives to the upcoming versions. This update has gone flawlessly for me. None of my apps or widgets broke. I seem to be connecting to LTE automatically when in range to the few towers in my normal travels. I haven't noticed any great difference in performance. The greatest plus for me is that People is no longer buggy for me. It was getting to the point where making a phone call was almost impossible. The contacts would just lock up. No longer. All in all I'm happy with the update but only because some of my minor issues were resolved. It's not the revolution that some believed it was going to be.
  4. It's always best when major changes have been made to give the device at least a couple of charge/discharge cycles before making any determination about battery life effects. There may have been battery intensive things going on behind the scenes following the update that won't be a factor from now on. I do like the new Power screen now.
  5. Or the "HELP!!! I just downloaded the update and my root is gone!!!! WHAT DO I DO???!!!" posts.
  6. I went kind of crazy with apps on my new iPad. It's not a mini but I am sure most should work fine on the mini. Paper by FiftyThree - Sketching/Drawing Notability - Notetaking; Document Editing; will sync voice notes to text/handwritten notes Penultimate - Notetaking, Writing Dropbox NFL Mobile NBA Gametime WatchESPN Google Earth Skype iBooks Anthill - Strategy Game Amazon Instant Video That's just a portion of the apps I got. Some are free, some are paid. I didn't list all the games because that is really subject to your interests.
  7. My EvoLTE has connected successfully to LTE several times recently with no intervention on my part at all. I haven't had to toggle or do anything weird. On Sunday I was in Suitland, Maryland just off of Pennsylvania Avenue, about a mile over the Southern Ave border and I had LTE indoors and outside. I have also connected successfully to the Bowie tower several times without doing anything special. I keep my EvoLTE in LTE/CDMA mode all the time. I am not rooted and I have no special PRLs or anything. It is completely stock.
  8. I heard a rumor that the update is actually going to come but only at some future date. But you know how rumors are.
  9. Ah well, that took longer than I expected. Mods can close this as the original post issue had been exhausted.
  10. I had forgotten about the separated keyboard. I just tried it typing this response and I didn't like it. The keys become too small for my fat fingers and I type in a weird way for some characters, for example I use my left forefinger for the letter "b" but that character is on the right side of the separate keyboard. It's a cool idea though.
  11. The only way I see me getting an iPhone is if the screen size was equivalent to the larger Android phones and if iOS eventually allows greater customization of the home screen without jailbreaking. I like the fact that I an have a very spare layout to my screens and still have access to all my apps in the app drawer. Plus I am partial to Sense widgets. Well widgets period. Audio Manager widget is essential to my daily use of my phone. I think I am good with having separate OS choices for the two devices. They perform two totally different functions for me so why not have two separate devices. Oh, and the iPad keyboard in landscape is killer. I am two-hand typing almost as well as on a physical keyboard.
  12. Here is a shot of the speeds I was getting with LTE enabled
  13. As much as folks down this device I'm finding it a real pleasure to use. The screen is indeed beautiful ( I'm not saying it's more beautiful than any other device), the form factor works well for my hands and this screen size makes just about everything more pleasurable to do than on my phone or Kindle Fire. I'm loving the app selection as well. I don't think I'll ever be an iPhone guy simply because I prefer the android look and feel in a phone but there is no denying that the iPad is a great device.
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