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  1. http://www.howardforums.com/showthread.php/1892971-New-Band-41-Antennas-appearing-in-Tulsa-OK looks like its gonna get better
  2. The Rep was telling you correct. If some towers near you are having issues, it will affect adjacent sites. When on tower goes down the adjacent sites have to handle the traffic. Block calls are a result of this increase in traffic on a site that should for example handle 2000 connections and now has to handle 3000 or even 4000, now. When the tower cant connect you call ,or make any more connects, it will block you.
  3. 800 , 1900 and 2.5 can do VOLTE. Network needs to be dense enough for volte no matter the spectrum. VoLte is not gonna save any network let alone Sprint. Why would you want to wait 5 years for something you can achieve in less than 2.
  4. What is really weird it shows Boost will carry the ATT variant. I think someone went copy and paste happy.
  5. This looks like the consumer solution or new consumer airave before the wifi calling thing took over(seems Sprint went in a different direct no more Airave) . There is already a Sprint solution like this for small/ medium size business for indoor coverage that is very similar.They call it an enterprise femto or Airave Express. Airvana makes all of those too, including the consumer airave.
  6. This deal looks good for both parties : The instant transaction involves Sprint leasing from CSL certain 700 MHz and 1.9 GHz spectrum in six counties in Tennessee and five counties in Arkansas The nine counties are: Crittenden, Cross, Lee, Phillips and St. Francis, AR and Fayette, Haywood, Shelby and Tipton, TN. In Crittenden, AR and Fayette, Sheldy and Tipton, TN Sprint’s total attributable spectrum already exceeded the spectrum screen threshold. The instant transaction also involves CSL leasing or subleasing from Sprint certain 800 MHz, 1.9 GHz and 2.5 GHz spectrum in four counties in Florida and five counties in Mississippi.
  7. but the verizon models of the iphone 5s and 5c only support band 25 LTE. I think this has more to do with the technical limitations of iphone 5. The 5s and 5c support csim and can be domestically unlocked for voice and data for both GSM and CDMA . the 5 does not support CSIM and is technically locked for domestic for said carrier. the 5 would need to use the old trick of flashing to work on Sprint for CDMA and we know that was probably not a support option.
  8. they all have empirical evidence, my knowledge or word on this subject comes from my day to day lively hood.
  9. That link proves nothing , currently sprint has implemented LTE for data only.. everyone knows LTE standard has sms and voice protocols built in Sprint, has yet to implement those feature
  10. LTE is for data only. no device uses lte to send sms on the sprint network
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