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  1. I'm in the far north east and it is really bad. Full bars 3G I get like .23 Mbps tops. iPhone 5
  2. Hey guys, any update on the Philadelphia progress? I have a iPhone 5 coming Friday and I am really looking forward to some 4G LTE!!!! Thanks!!
  3. I will be pre-ordering the new iPhone (5, 6th gen, whatever it's called) on the 12th from Apple's web site. It looks like the new iPhone will use a "Nano" sim card. I stopped by my local Sprint store and the guys behind the counter looked at me like I was high as a kite. Then they told me "no problem, your 4S has a nano sim card already." At that point I waved "bye" and walked out noteing to my self to never go back to that store. Sooooooooo: What's the story. Does anyone happen to know if Sprint is going to have the Nano sim cards ready? I mean, when I get this phone im going to want to have it working as soon as possible. Thanks everyone!
  4. I get REALLY bad 3G speeds at the bar I go to all the time. The thing is, the towers are right in the next parking lot and I have FULL bars. I cannot WAIT until NV hits this area! Here are a few shots taken with the phone exactly where I was standing while running the speed test. Srry for them being sideways, no time to flip them!!
  5. From my understanding, Sprint's 4G LTE (network vision upgrades) are going to be delivered on the 1900 MHz band. It is also my understanding that the iPhone 4S for Sprint transmits and receives only on the 1900 MHz band. Even though the iPhone 4S does not have a 4G Chip, will it get a major boost in performance with Sprint's 4G network vision since it is being broadcasted on the 1900 MHz band? Not that it really matters since I will be getting the new iPhone upon its release..... Thanks guys!!!
  6. I don't know if sprint is doing some upgrades or if network vision is in progress but my 3G speeds on my 4S has been a horrible 0.03 MBPS at one of my work locations for months. Since yesterday, it has been a solid 1.45 MBPS! zip code 19152.
  7. Thank you so much for sharing all that you do and being willing to answer every and all questions!!! I really appreciate it! Do you know what, if any, other towers Sprint users like my self (iPhone 4s) use when we are "roaming"? Does Sprint have deals with any of the big names in cell networks ? Thanks again! I will keep my eyes glued to this site for the next year while Network Vision is rolling out!
  8. Great news!!! Any word if these upgrades are going to up the support and speeds for sprints iPhones ? Thanks!!
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