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  1. I just got this text message from T-Mobile telling me that OnDevice is actually an improvement and that Hotspot service uses too much network resources. Just curious, I entered into an agreement with T-Mobile, okay month to month, but I an not able to alter the terms, why should T-Mobile be able to make them? I can't say: Hey I am going to optimize your bill by paying 10% less next month...
  2. That was super fast because we had to wait 45 days to get a tower fixed in Hayward, CA. Okay Sprint gave service credits but still, 45 days is really bad.
  3. I will be in town tomorrow and I hoppe there will be some B26 love in downtown too. Sprint always had some issues indoors in downtown. The rest of the city is pretty well covered with B41.
  4. There are some issues in the East Bay with B41 being really slow and we had to kill B41 in our Netgear backup router because it was 2G speed blizz
  5. I had Edge before crossing the river into Baton Rouge from the west but between the Texas border to Baton Rouge, there is a lot of area that is very badly covered. I had some massive problems around the Hollywood Casino in BR. Denham Springs was pretty bad as soon you drove into sub-devisions and I got always NO SERVICE, no fall back roaming.
  6. Verizon has AWS in the area and has gotten better.
  7. So I took a business trip from Houston to Baton Rouge in I-10 and T-Mobile was not up to the task. My Verizon iPhone with Unlimited data was working without any issue 99.9% of the time while T-Mobile dropped down to EDGE several times. Even in Baton Rouge, LTE data on T-Mobile was extremly slow and not working at times. Ran several speedtests and T-Mobile was at or around 1MB down. Sprint was working well, not as well as Verizon but close and even into Denham Springs, you were able to see what a difference Sprint made in a year. B26 all over the place and areas that had 3G last year are now running B25/26 & B41.
  8. I just checked and according Sprint's coverage map, Jean is still 3G. I know the signal from Primm reaches quite far, almost to the Jean court house but not inside the Casino. I will be in the area during CTIA and I may do a drive-by after the show.
  9. Jean has finally LTE? Last time I was in Jean, the network was just 3G and LTE (B25/41) was in Primm.
  10. Ah, the American antenna tree, which holds the fruits that connects us to the world
  11. Trust me, I see this currently in NoCal at my office and I am not happy with the lack of speed. A tower has been down for over a month and Sprint does not seem to be able to fix the problem.
  12. Well, that happens every year, but have you every been able to enjoy your streaming on 3G while stuck in traffic. But with all honesty, I don't understand why Sprint has not managed to get LTE running. 1x800 been running for some time.
  13. I like my cellphone network like my food: GMO free There is a need for speed...
  14. Sprint has been really quick to remove WiMax equipment in Las Vegas and you see a lot of former co-lo's with empty racks spaces now.
  15. There is so much that needs to be done around LV, especially along the I-15 to Mesquite. Not much LTE love until you hit Mesquite after Moapa.
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