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  1. Meh. Get a history lesson. T-Mobile did not build out California; PacBell did. Pacific Telesis spun off its Cellular 850 MHz assets as AirTouch. Then, PacBell got back into the mobile game via the first PCS 1900 MHz auction in 1995. That allowed PacBell to go GSM (barf!) and focus its efforts on only one state and basically one other market -- California and Las Vegas. With such a limited scope, PacBell built out a very good GSM 1900 network. A few years later, SBC acquired PacBell. Then, SBC spun off the PacBell mobile network to T-Mobile in order to help Cingular's merger with AT&TWS. So, do not give T-Mobile much, if any credit in California. T-Mobile essentially stumbled into a pre built network. I documented all of this nearly a decade ago... AJ I knew about Cingular selling their network after the merger in 2004 (right?) but wasn't aware of the history before that. Interesting... I wasn't so much crediting T-Mo as just pointing out that they've got a built out network on the West so it's not hard for me to believe that they own more towers than Sprint. Sent from my Nexus 4 using Tapatalk 4 Beta
  2. :~( Even though I never used iDEN, it's sad to see such a built out network like Nextel's go away. I hope Sprint will put those towers to good use. Sent from my Nexus 4 using Tapatalk 4 Beta
  3. Everyone's always saying they have a smaller footprint than Sprint, but I'm not so sure about that. Compare T-Mobile and Sprint in California... no really, check the coverage maps. Native Sprint is sprinkled in areas. In California, there's more roaming than native. But T-Mobile covers a lot of the state and barley roams. In Northern California, Sprint is non-existant. I know this isn't the case elsewhere.
  4. T-Mobile covers California better than Sprint.. but I'm not sure what is better- EDGE on T-Mo or 1X roaming on Sprint.
  5. To be honest, I'd say go with T-Mobile in November. Order a SIM and use the $30 plan a month before, though, to make sure you'll get coverage where you live/work. Since you'll be off contract, you can join Sprint again at any time.
  6. Get this. So I had an airave in the past that didn't cover half of my house. After months with it, I unplugged it and found that Sprint service had improved in my house. Now, I'm roaming at home and at work. I've definitely went over my roaming minutes/ data allotment for this month. Maybe it would be best to get terminated at this point? I'm costing Sprint a lot of money and I'm not happy with the situation either. Will I get a letter this month?
  7. I've been roaming at home a lot lately, so much that most of my minutes used this month were made while roaming. Sprint states you may not use a majority of minutes or risk being terminated. What's next? Will I get a letter or just be disconnected? This is unfortunate.
  8. Any idea why the LTE maps in Los Angeles are so spotty? Is it the current state or 100% depicted on the coverage map? Lots of 3G gaps, which is accurate currently. Just wondering.
  9. It's a pain streaming Rdio over 3G, though it's improving ever so slightly. Download speeds are low but ping/upload are great!
  10. wyattwalter

    X Phone

    Wondering about carrier availability and pricing of the XPhone. All I hope is it comes to Sprint and costs $300-400 off-contract.
  11. Wait, does anyone know if this can be used for existing Sprint lines?
  12. You're kidding I hope
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