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Found 6 results

  1. So Suddenlink is on its road to offer widespread Gigabit per second Speeds to its coverage area. It offers tiers of 15,30,50, and 107 Mbps currently, and the new plans would start at 200Mbps(old 15 Mbps plan) and 1Gbps(old 107 Mbps plan). What excites me is suddenlink has laid so much fiber the past week. I have seen myself 2 separate crews. Running new fiber. And Tyler Tx is a Major data hub for Suddenlink. Anyone else have suddenlink for Home Internet? What do you think? http://www.cedmagazine.com/news/2014/08/suddenlink-begins-gigabit-upgrade
  2. So I was driving to work an evening this past Friday, noticed a huge spool of cabling, with it going up to our existing cable company Lines. We had Northland here, bought out by Suddenlink. Does anyone know if this spool would be fiber, coax, or what. They also added in what looks like to be a splice box, which is sitting on the ground. Distance between two pictures was around 2-2.5 miles
  3. It's official: Google Fiber is coming to Austin. AT&T has also said that, provided they get the same incentives that Google does, they'll run gigabit as well. I trust AT&T about as far as I can throw one of their VRADs, but we'll see what happens between now and when Google connects its first customer, over a year from now.
  4. Some photos from the cable cut on the Cheyenne to Denver backbone fiber due to the flooding in Northern Colorado. "Cheyenne to Denver Via Kersey Colorado fiber cut on along CR-53. North Platte River, well over flood stages, has cut the 72 count cable. You can see the conduit in the back ground floating on top of the water, the river should have only been a couple hundred feet from bank to bank, but on this day the river had increased to upwards of 1/2 mile."
  5. Didn't know if you've seen this? http://googlefiberblog.blogspot.com/
  6. got to thinking about this and with all the talk of the backhauls being upgraded to Microwave or Fiber (in most cases) could someone chime in and state the differences between the two? Advantages/disadvantages and just overall difference's. And also compare the two to the current bundled T1's we have now, and the only way to add backhaul is to add another bundled T1 line. I found this article that explains some... http://www.antennaso...Exalt_RG10.html http://www.ceragon.c...white_paper.pdf And with that second link I might of answered my own question here. lol anyway would like to still have some discussion on it if possible, like why they are going with one instead of the other in areas. I did see in some the Clearwire and also Sprint seem to be some of the biggest favoring Microwave earlier than others. I also read some places that stated there were no monthly costs associated with Microwave compared to the charges they have to pay for T1 lines which didn't make much sense to me also...
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