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  1. http://finance.yahoo.com/news/sprint-says-one-quarter-behind-122103397.html Sprint NV delay is causing CLWR LTE TD delay!!!!
  2. When Clearwire upgrades existing wimax sites to LTE TD will the LTE signals be stronger than the wimax signals?
  3. Sorry actually AT&T / Tmo Deal was worth $39Bil $39Bil x 0.70% = $27.3Bil. Sprint has More Subs - 15mil more & newer NV network coming online Tmo has alot less subs, older network, less debt too
  4. i think sprint is doing fine by itself. sprint needs to focus on deploying NV. better service/coverage & quality handsets will get sprint new subs. the knock on sprint has always be services / coverage. NV fixes that
  5. i might be wrong, but i don't think this deal will happen. SoftBank is paying too little for Sprint. AT&T/ Tmo deal was valued at abt $32Bil (older network & less subs) Sprint is worth closer to $35Bil - 40Bil+. Sprint will be profitable in 2014 or early too
  6. i connect to Wi-Fi as much as possible especially at home. Courtesy to all the very loyal Sprint users here helps Sprint free up it wireless resources for other Sprint users
  7. Clearwire is prolly bound by a condition attached to some of their EBS licenses. its prolly costing Clearwire abt $4 per sub. thats abt how much clearwire was charging Sprint per wi-max smartphone. Awesome Deal at $10 per month for 1 yrs ($120 + $25 cost of Clearwire modem at Best Buy)
  8. http://www.fiercebroadbandwireless.com/story/mobile-citizen-offers-clearwires-wimax-service-nonprofits-nationwide/2012-09-12 The group, based in Boulder, Colo., sells service for $120/year per account and is offering 3 FREE months for nonprofits that sign up for service by Oct. 31, which works out to $8 per month for 15 months. All connections include unlimited data usage, no download speed cap and upload speeds to 1.0 Mbps. Customers can purchase a USB modem, desktop modem or mobile hotspot for use with the service.
  9. Will this discount work with SEROP plan?
  10. Sprint Employee Discount Plan for Everyone. Copy & Paste Link: http://delivery.sprint.com/m/p/nxt/epc/epclanding.asp Email: Russ.S.McGuire@Sprint.com ID: 383 ($70 a month Single Line, $10 less per month than Sprint Retail Store) Even Cheaper w/ Family Plan! Get $50 Credit by using SAVE50 Coupon Code! $100 credit on new line using NASCAR Coupon Code!
  11. Clear Modems are Cheap too and are $25 at Best Buy. http://mobilecitizen.org/
  12. Very Good Pricing Deal for Schools & Non-Profit Org ($120 a yrs with NO Data Caps + 3 months FREE) http://www.fiercebroadbandwireless.com/story/mobile-citizen-offers-clearwires-wimax-service-nonprofits-nationwide/2012-09-12
  13. damn birds!! bust out the gats n caps & shoot those birds!!!!!! haha lol i want my 4G LTE :) :)
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