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Found 16 results

  1. With Todays announcement that T-Mobile and Sprint are merging, and the announcement of the T-Mobile Sprint Roaming deal that will survive and will last for four years regardless if the merger is completed or not, which is effect immediately as stated in the conference call and the slides made available. So I thought I'd create this to see if anyone has been able to use their Sprint device on T-Mobile roaming yet. And of course if not, once you do, come back here and say you have. Personally I'm not bothering with anything until after the coverage map is updated again, hopefully to reflect the T-Mobile roaming. And of course if you are able to roam onto T-Mobile what kind of speeds are you pulling, and on what device. Also for those that are unaware, the T-Mobile Sprint Roaming agreement that was announced as part of todays merger announcement is a roaming agreement for Sprint customers to roam onto T-Mobile for 4 years and takes affect immediately, yes right now, regardless if the merger completes or not. Surely it's a stepping stone to integrating the networks by getting Sprint devices that are capable, which according to the conference call is 20 Million Sprint devices ready to be used on the T-Mobile network full time once deal is approved by the regulators and finally completed.
  2. Hi guys, like the title says, I am travelling to the Netherlands and am curious about people's experience with the international roaming passes. Firstly, are they unlimited data, or are they limited with deprioritization? Secondly, what are the speeds like? I have asked around but have gotten mixed answers. Thanks!
  3. When Virgin Mobile introduced their Inner Circle plan they added Extended coverage giving them the same coverage as Sprint Postpaid. And a few months ago when Virgin did away with its Inner Circle plan and its iPhone only to the current plan lineup and devices I figured they'd backtrack on the roaming and go back to Sprint only. While they may not have updated their coverage map it would seem they are not allowing roaming as my LG Tribute Dynasty which is compatible with US Cellular roaming is being restricted and blocked post activation. Before hands free activation began I was able to go into the devices network and roaming settings and switch on voice roaming, which worked, it immediately connected to US Cellular, then the hands free activation started which couldn't complete due to no data until I switched on wifi, but after the device rebooted, the voice roaming was turned off and greyed out so it couldn't be switched back on. I know this device is capable of roaming, it has band 12 and band 5 for LTE and the CDMA band necessary to roam onto US Cellulars CDMA network, which again it was able to due prior to activation. If Virgin Mobile is going to continue having roaming as an option then it should work otherwise they need to remove it from their coverage map. I've attempted to take the issue up with Virgin but they tell me that they'll help me with any other issue, except roaming. I believe it has something to do with the PRL since it is what determines the devices roaming. I found a old Virgin device from before Inner Circle started, in it was PRL 7080 the same one as it has now, back then Virgin was the home network on Sprint only, no data or voice roaming. I don't know where the issue is with this and I'm hoping after filing a complaint with the FCC which has been served that it is either corrected and fixed and roaming starts working, or Virgin removes it from their coverage map if they're not going to allow it. I've asked customer service if the coverage map and the roaming on it applies to current customers or if it was just Inner Circle and they say it does apply to the current plans. If so, and if I have a device that is compatible (LG Tribute Dynasty), why is it being restricted.
  4. This one has stumped me and I'm hoping someone can shed light on this... I have Sprint as my provider, and I'm out in a no-coverage area north of Lake Superior in Minnesota. I purchased a 20db gain Yagi antenna, and pointed it at the nearest tower, which is 16 miles away on the other side of a high bluff. The antenna is connected to a Wilson (WeBoost) amplifier Amplifier showing all green as it's at max power and working properly. I am getting a signal! It's a middle of the road "2-3 bar" -87 dBm signal on both my Android HTC 10 and my wife's iPhone 6S Plus Signal Check Pro says it's the Verizon tower, which makes sense as I'm pointing it at the 850 mhz Verizon tower. The problem is that calls do not work. No tones or audio when dialing and eventually it just disconnects, and no data connection available. I tried a Verizon MiFi and had similar results. It had a signal but couldn't connect. What's the problem? I've put in about $800 into this setup, and I don't want to give up on getting data and switching to Satellite if I'm very close to getting a connection! Thanks in advance for your ideas/explanations.
  5. Does Sprint have an LTE roaming deals with any carrier anywhere currently? If so, does it show up on their coverage map?
  6. Do Spark phones have less roaming capabilities than non-Spark LTE phones? I was looking on the Sprint coverage map for an area that usually has roaming 3G data coverage. At least on my old GS3, it did. But I checked the data coverage for my GS5 and it shows no coverage. I zoom out and overall it looks like the roaming is extremely limited with the GS5 compared to the GS3. The specific area code is 27892. Thanks.
  7. Supporting article: http://www.kansascity.com/2013/09/06/4461371/international-expansion-for-sprint.html If SoftBank/Sprint were to expand into Canada and Mexico, and offer Unlimited Roaming Data, with a an industry first Transnational voice+text+data Plan, wouldn't that be the most amazing thing ever? What would those specifics be? Isn't there still a CDMA1x network still in operation in Canada? Couldn't Sprint buy out that network? Rundown of Canadian Wireless Industry = Not Good - http://www.michaelgeist.ca/content/view/6803/125/ And in Mexico, a CDMA1x/EV-DO carrier is still active, with an iDEN network as well... The 2.5Ghz frequency is has been open for business in Mexico for quite some time... Will Sprint buy that too? It it available for telecom use in Canada? My post is not well thought out. I don't want to take the time to research compatible frequencies. So help me out. I have the idea, now as a community, help build out this transnational vision!
  8. When I look at coverage map of Sprint and choose some Hotspot device in the drop down menu, it appears that some mobile hotspot device does not allow you to roam on Verizon, especially those LTE hotspots expect netgear one. Mifi does not allow you to roam. What's the problem? Sprint is do away roaming on Mobile hotspot?
  9. Alright so my parents and I decided to go to Branson this week. I have an Evo LTE and my prl is 25015 and sprints coverage map has roaming coverage showing on their map going from Conway, AR along Hwy 65 all the way up to Branson. Well for some odd reason my phone wasn't picking up any roaming. Now my moms iPhone 4S was roaming the whole way, no problem. And it was Roaming on VZW 3g. I know it was roaming on VZW because whenever I made a call and didnt put the area code it would something like welcome to VZW the call can not be completed as dialed. What im wondering is how come my phone was left in the dark? Also I can roam on Cricket or at least I think im roaming on Cricket here in LR. But my phone wont let me connect to VZW at all to roam. Even where it shows im supposed to be able to on sprints coverage maps. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Forgot to Mention the iPhone doesn't just roam on VZW it only does if it theres no sprint or cricket service. But my phone just searches and connects to cricket if I dont have native coverage.
  10. I can't find any official documentation yet. However, feeling a bit masochistic, I visited SU for the first time in a long time and found this post from a Sprint employee: http://www.sprintusers.com/forum/showpost.php?p=2734546&postcount=1 From the description of the areas that supposedly will lose native coverage, I can only guess that it's Sprint's agreement with Nex-Tech Wireless that's coming to an end for whatever reason. I don't know the number of POPs in the affected areas, but it's probably on the low side. Still, if this indeed comes to fruition, this will be the latest in a string of native coverage reductions that is really starting to make Sprint look bad. First there was the loss of native coverage provided by Alltel. Not Sprint's fault that Alltel got bought out, but still... Then there was the loss of native coverage provided by Pioneer after they decided to jump into bed with Verizon. Now Sprint may potentially be losing the native coverage provided by Nex-Tech. If true, this will be the third year in a row that Sprint's native coverage has shrunk. Regardless of the number of POPs covered in each of these coverage reductions, it just doesn't look good at all. Verizon is continually expanding their native presence, just this week with the Mohave Wireless purchase for example. At&t tries to do the same as evidenced by their recent purchase of the latest version of 'Alltel' from ATNI. Hell, if one believes the rabid t-mobile fanboys over on HoFo, even little magenta is doing some coverage expansion here and there. In the meantime, Sprint is seemingly going in the opposite direction. I think it was a mistake not putting CDMA/LTE service in iDEN-only areas and I think allowing their native coverage map to continually contract is a mistake as well. I know that they're in the midst of Network Vision which is a strain on time and capital other resources, but come on...One can hope that once they've completed Network Vision on their remaining coverage that they will embark on some coverage expansion to make up some of what they've lost. That, and/or they buy their way into coverage like their two larger competitors are apt to do....
  11. I've been roaming at home a lot lately, so much that most of my minutes used this month were made while roaming. Sprint states you may not use a majority of minutes or risk being terminated. What's next? Will I get a letter or just be disconnected? This is unfortunate.
  12. On my way home riding the bus in San Francisco, I look at my status bar and see something which left me completely confused.... LTE and extended (roaming) right next to each other. I did take a screenshot but I don't know to upload a picture via mobile so when I do get home I'll post the picture.
  13. I came across an interesting article at http://www.gottabemo...phone-5-models/. It talks about the CDMA version of the IPhone 5. But it turns out that the IPhone 5 may start a big change in the future of LTE roaming. With the GSM version of the IPhone, which can operate on AT&T`s LTE network, and if the proper roaming agreements are signed, it can roam on Canada`s 4G LTE networks, but not possible yet as an agreement has not been reached. This being said, it turns out that the CDMA IPhone 5 is more compatible with LTE networks around the country. As of now, LTE roaming on verizon if you have a sprint phone is not possible, since Verizon runs their LTE on the 700Mhz spectrum, and Sprint is currently running their LTE on the 1900Mhz spectrum. But with the IPhone 5 already supporting other countries` LTE networks, I think in my opinion that Sprint may consider this in the future, but the cost that it would be to roam on other carrier`s LTE would cost sprint a bundle of money that may make them decide otherwise. What do you guys think? Do you think Sprint will follow suite and allow roaming with other LTE networks?
  14. I thought this was interesting that I could roam and have a 4G connection?
  15. I will be in the Windsor area of Canada for a short time next week and I want to know if the EvoLTE will work there. Sprint's list of devices that will work doesn't list this phone. It may not have been updated in awhile. Anyone have any experience with roaming in Canada?
  16. ok so i looked at sprints facebook page and it said how now you can see coverage for certain devices right. So i looked at it tried to see if there was anything new compared to before nothing seemed to be different as far as i could tell. So i selected the iphone 4s since thats the phone i have and saw roaming almost everywhere outside the big cities and then i decided i wondered about the Evo LTE and i saw something different it mostly white and very little roaming compared to the other phones. Havent tried out the other LTE devices. But why would that phone have less roaming? By the way im looking at data side of things.
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