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  1. @ThatKevinSmith Glad you’re still with us.

  2. @Matt_Spice_Loyd I hope it happens !

  3. @valentinospizza You guys should really consider coming back into Des Moines Iowa.

  4. @camilluddington I laughed at almost the same time as Jo when she started laughing. #pulltheplugonthemonster

  5. RT @EllenPompeo: An Important PSA from the National Domestic Violence Hotline https://t.co/xgyxodBRe5

  6. @NBCChicagoMed @brian_tee He wants his drift king title back !

  7. You are Batman to us now, I don't think you should recast yourself until we see you in a solo Batman film and then… https://t.co/eR1qOlSpTu

  8. RT @SilzerAuto: Hard to miss -- easy to love. https://t.co/cn1hI1exrj

  9. @jmsmith483 God no kidding, there needs to be a statute and limitation to this crap.

  10. Am I able to plug in a usb microphone and be able to do voice commands with my Xbox One ?

  11. @DavidKHarbour The story was so good, I can't wait for season 3, you guys all did such an awesome job ! Thank you

  12. @owlcity Is this the song from Everyone's Golf ?

  13. @gamestopcorp time to add more than two registers.

  14. https://t.co/Qea2qLazBJ

  15. RT @Daredevil: Maybe he was right. We're all one bad day away from being him. https://t.co/ZLChO36tO0

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