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  1. http://www.fiercewireless.com/tech/path-to-gigabit-lte-sprint-moving-upload-download-configuration-closer-to-12-1-traffic-ratio Sent from my LG-LS993 using Tapatalk
  2. RT @MLB: Those perfect baseball days. (via MLB Fans) https://t.co/B1FfjktMCJ https://t.co/JyK98uGQg5

  3. RT @NorthShoreNine: David, it's almost as if the organization is viewed nationally as a solid one unlike locally. https://t.co/tDH6N8cAvq

  4. RT @sosadtoday: harboring deep emotional pain but it's cool

  5. RT @Pirates: Merry Christmas Bucco Nation! ???????????? https://t.co/PbtgoTFzVZ

  6. RT @sosadtoday: confuse me like you mean it

  7. RT @DJGalloEtc: According to the experts, the Pirates must give up an equal or better package than Boston did for Sale for an inferior pitc…

  8. .@BaseballAmerica Not the @Pirates logo. Hasn't been since January 2014. Journalism isn't that difficult! https://t.co/p0C2qfNBZT

  9. RT @AronsThoughts: One of my favorite quotes of all time! https://t.co/9SjIyUhOtX

  10. RT @sosadtoday: for every one hour i spend with people it takes me four hours online to recover

  11. RT @MollyMc732: I am so damn tired of hearing how terrible the Pirate FO is. Only an idiot would actually believe that. Ex of an actually b…

  12. RT @Pirates: .@jordy_mercer Bobblehead Day is Saturday, June 17!RETWEET THIS to win Jordy's SIGNED picture NOW! #PirateFest https://t.co/…

  13. RT @PittsburghPG: Frank Coonelly: Narrative that Pirates are concerned with profit, not with winning is "offensive" https://t.co/jEBw00kdpe…

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