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  1. I'm aware of these things. I was adding feedback that the secondary method is useless on the v60.
  2. After new update, T-Mobile is now showing as Sprint 310120. Phone is an LG v60 with a Sprint SIM card.
  3. Someone forgot to kill the Sprint Referrals email list. I just got an email "Ready to earn Sprint referral rewards?" My personalized link and everything! One little problem...
  4. Well, I'm sitting here northwest of Pittsburgh near the Ohio border using a v60, and i can tell you that Sprint has coverage where T-Mobile wasn't even trying. One infuriating thing is that this phone isn't currently working properly when it has to use Sprint B26, which is pretty much all the time because it connects to 800 as well when using 1900 and 2500 most of the time. Phone loses its mind: LTE flag on, VoLTE flag on, VoLTE flag off, Roaming flag on, radio resets and we start all over. It gets stuck in this loop sometimes even when returning to T-Mobile coverage. Android Auto connects and disconnects every time the radio resets. It's infuriating, and all I can get Sprint to admit to is an "outage" that's supposed to be fixed by a date that keeps getting pushed back.
  5. It's just the T-Mobile phone with a Sprint SIM in it. In fact, on first boot, it freaked out that SIM had been changed and it had to reboot...
  6. http://www.fiercewireless.com/tech/path-to-gigabit-lte-sprint-moving-upload-download-configuration-closer-to-12-1-traffic-ratio Sent from my LG-LS993 using Tapatalk
  7. RT @MLB: Those perfect baseball days. (via MLB Fans) https://t.co/B1FfjktMCJ https://t.co/JyK98uGQg5

  8. RT @NorthShoreNine: David, it's almost as if the organization is viewed nationally as a solid one unlike locally. https://t.co/tDH6N8cAvq

  9. RT @sosadtoday: harboring deep emotional pain but it's cool

  10. RT @Pirates: Merry Christmas Bucco Nation! ???????????? https://t.co/PbtgoTFzVZ

  11. RT @sosadtoday: confuse me like you mean it

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