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  1. IMO, T-Mobile is pretty conservative with backhaul for most of their sites. Not to the point where it’ll start causing congestion issues, but I haven’t seen peak speeds at quite the level as I have on other carriers. Likely something to do with them not being in the wireline business. That said, I was testing during rush hour and the engineers may still be working on optimizing these sites. AFAIK LTE-LAA was turned on in the past couple of days (plus they're the first non-macro sites in the city that I, personally, have seen LTE-LAA deployed on) and it was running at super lower power. A
  2. Confirmed on two other oDAS nodes in my area, 59985 Sector 15 and 59773 Sector 12. Maxed out at 4x CA, with 3x LTE-LAA (though this is probably a device limitation). Speeds weren't especially fast, around 60/20 Mbps. LTE-LAA seemed to be running at super low power, typically ~20dBm lower than the corresponding B2/B66 (even when directly under the node, with B2/B66 ~65dBm). Was finally able to connect to B41 on this site after messing around with some modem data on my OP6T. I haven't yet enabled any B41 CA combos, but was able to pull 80/10 Mbps on a single 20MHz carrier. Mapped on Cell
  3. Spotted LTE-LAA broadcasting from what appears to be a Crown Castle oDAS node. First time I've seen this. eNB ID 127312 on CellMapper.
  4. I saw that! Strange approach, I wonder if there was some issue with their supply chain. That said, I'm not about to complain about future-proofing sites for >100MHz EBS/BRS deployment!
  5. New n41 deployment in Harlem. First AIR 6449 I've spotted, as well.
  6. Not sure on the vendor, but it's an old 2G/3G antenna that was decommissioned but never removed. Doesn't look like it's hooked up. The B12 CommScope antennas T-Mobile rolled out are all 2 port antennas. I believe this one is from the LNX-6513DS series. They didn't start deploying 4x4 MIMO low-band until the B71 rollout.
  7. Doesn't surprise me one bit. Look how B/n71 is deployed in NYC - it's built out to make their 5G coverage map look good, but otherwise provide no real benefit.
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