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  1. There's quite a few in midtown! Check out 494 8th Ave or 461 8th Ave, for example. Definitely cool stuff, though I gotta say it does make identification a real PITA, haha.
  2. It kinda just blows my mind that it's been almost a year and a half since start of auction and there still isn't a band designation. Why spend almost a billion dollars (T-Mobile's $873 million plus Sprint's $114 million) if you can't even get around to working something like that out with the 3GPP? I pray there's something going on behind the scenes, but I'm not too hopeful seeing as the only other owner of the band is DISH, haha. I'd be shocked if T-Mobile doesn't keep a strong mmWave presence in lower/mid-Manhattan and downtown Brooklyn with their 5G small-cell rollout. That'
  3. It'll definitely be interesting to see what they do, especially considering there's now a lot more money in the pipeline! Personally, I'm most excited to see what they'll be doing with the new 5G small cells - this should be an opportunity for them to get a super dense n41, LTE-LAA, mmWave, and maybe even CBRS (there is 80MHz of GAA available...) infill. Can't wait to see what they'll be doing with these. This also brings up the question of how they'll be addressing mmWave in the future - have they been holding off on upgrades due to their n41 rollout, or because they're waiting for
  4. I'm a little confused as to why they're leaving up old hardware, as well. As far as I know, they should be able to broadcast LTE (B2/B66), HSPA+, and EDGE via the new RFS APX antennas they're using. I figured they were using the legacy antennas for HSPA+/EDGE, but I've since seen a few instances on Reddit where they're left up (and are still hooked up) on sites that don't broadcast legacy RAN. So who knows. Maybe something to do with prepping for shutting down Sprint sites? None of these antennas list OBW/IBW, but maybe there's some sort of limitation?
  5. Stopped by this area again. STILL doesn't look like this is going to be a keep site. Not really sure what T-Mobile is thinking here. Lots of new high rise development on both sides of the creek and T-Mobile service is total crap. T-Mobile: n41 is on the closest site, though I don't believe it's on the serving site (across the creek). This test was taken outside, which likely means that even if n41 was deployed you'd either get a very poor signal or no n41 signal indoors. Upload test failed. Sprint: Locked to a single 20MHz B41 carrier.
  6. 14ms, so about what I typically get on n71 SA (or n41 NSA). I wonder if it might have been better if n41 was the PCC...
  7. eNB 44643. Don't think this is too far from you, @Paynefanbro. Speeds were okay (248/18.6), but I was a couple blocks away from the site.
  8. n66 SA live in Jersey. Engineering mode seems to be a bit buggy, so might not actually be 20MHz. Source. n66/n41 SA CA live in Vegas. Source.
  9. On another note, I'm curious about the upgrade path for the Transit Wireless DAS. I know additional connectivity was on the docket for the incoming R211 trains, but I don't believe anything came out of that. Additionally, I don't think that whatever was considered/planned for the L-train renovation actually came to fruition. Regardless, that system hasn't been touched in forever. I believe the last upgrade was a B2-add back in 2018. T-Mobile never even got around to adding B12, which they promised back in Dec 2015. Also, I've noticed that the B2 refarm hasn't affected spectrum alloca
  10. Anddd updated to the correct location. Jeez, that area was a mess on CellMapper.
  11. The April update seems to have enabled n66 on my T-Mo S21U.
  12. Some interesting (though kinda dated) info about 6488/6449 allocation that I hadn't seen before.
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