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  1. Looks like T-Mobile is planning to deploy on a few sites along OR-126. https://maprad.io/us/search/licence/WROE619?source=US
  2. "[Dave Mayo] said work in coastal cities like New York and Los Angeles will start later because the company plans to use rooftop sites, due to local regulations, that may require different equipment configurations." Source.
  3. B66 is split via the AIR3246 (the antenna to the right of the AIR6449). It's a 32x32 mMIMO antenna that they run in split-sector mode. Unlike the 2HH-38A-R4-V2, which can support both a B66 and a B2/B25 split with a single antenna, the AIR3246 is a single-band antenna. Ericsson has two variants - one that supports B2/B25, and another that supports B66. I haven't seen them deploy the B2/B25 variant. The B66 variant seems to be the replacement for the 2HH-38A-R4-V2 (I haven't seen them deploy that antenna in a little while). Huh! Nice find! I've often wondered what exactly is going on there, CellMapper is a total mess haha. Any guesses as to what the deal is with 58611/131684/47695?
  4. Nice find!! Seeing a secondary B41 carrier on at least a few sites in Williamsburg, I'll see if I can't map it. Dropped down to LTE to do some testing, and it is still SLOW. Very glad I upgraded to a 5G phone. At 5:30PM on a Friday: 2x B41: 29.7/1.70 B2/B66/B12: 11.2/0.95 n41/B2/.B66: 149/8 (I can generally pull upwards of 300/40 on off hours) This is on a site with an AIR3246 per sector.
  5. At least in the case of 58152, it seems as though they had only three sectors in late 2017 and then built a fourth in early 2018. The fourth sector was never upgraded from three APX16 antenas, though, so it's a bit hard to tell what exactly they were doing. I generally agree, though, I haven't noticed any active four-sector sites in NYC. Also, AFAIK the AIR 3246 is a single band antenna - Ericsson has a B66 variant and a B25 variant (though T-Mobile seems to only deploy the B66 variant). SOP for B2/B66 split sector sites typically seems to involve the deployment of two split sectors antennas, though I've seen them do it with a single 2HH-38A-R4-V2 (ie. eNB 43381). Very glad to see more split sector sites, but still waiting for more LAA/CBRS and mmWave deployment... 😭
  6. Agreed! Looks like it could be an APXVAALL15_43-U-NA20. Once again, agreed! Here's a similar setup in Williamsburg (eNB 58152). Kinda hard to tell what's going on - maybe these were four-sector sites that were downgraded to three-sector sites once they were upgraded with split-sector antennas? Or perhaps they changed sector azimuth at some point and were too lazy to take down the old sector?
  7. Yep! But that mmWave spectrum has been deployable for quite a while now - last years iPhone supported n260/n261, and so did the Galaxy series as far back as the S10. The only phone that T-Mobile currently sells that supports n258 is the OnePlus 9 Pro 5G. Having a mainstream device such as the iPhone supporting n258 will greatly increase T-Mobile's amount of deployable mmWave. Tampa, for example, would go from 600MHz of deployable spectrum to 1000MHz (400MHz n260 + 200MHz n261 + 400 n258). NYC, which is currently only operating with 100MHz of n261, will go from 500MHz of deployable spectrum to 900MHz (400MHz n260 + 100MHz n261 + 400MHz n258). Hopefully, having more deployable spectrum will push them to expand deployment.
  8. You sure it was n258, not n260? AFAIK the S21 series doesn't support n258.
  9. Last night at Evil Twin Brewing (near the Halsey St L stop). Eek.
  10. More Verizon content (sorry). BTS upgrade across from the Brooklyn Museum, eNB 84059.
  11. Oh, interesting! I haven't had much luck with 'em. eNB 137445 (literally one higher digit higher than the one in my post, and right around the corner) is dirt slow and I'm always dropped to LTE-only when I'm connected to those nodes. And no dice with the ones on my commute (eNB 59923 and 59919). Though I did catch them doing some work on the node tonight, so hopefully things will improve:
  12. Updated the third image! Yes, it looks like they've switched from two 8-port antennas to a single 16-port antenna for 2/5/13/66 (eNB 84767 on CellMapper). And yes, new shroud design! The new shroud is vented and significantly thicker (maybe 1.5x as thick?) than the older design.
  13. I figure I might as well post this here as it is NYC-specific and the Verizon thread is a bit dead. Haven't yet spotted any Verizon C-Band upgrades in the Williamsburg area (even on their FDC), but I did spot this site upgrade today: Before: After: Compared to their typical mmWave antenna shrouds:
  14. Have started to see some oDAS nodes (equipped with B2/B66/B46) act as anchor eNBs. Speeds were in the 300Mb/s range, ping typical for n41 NSA.
  15. https://tmo.report/2021/08/t-mobile-is-launching-fiber-optic-home-internet-starting-in-nyc/ Not available at my current or past addresses, but I'm interested.
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