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  1. . I live in theory based on the coverage map the best sprint coverage there is. if you look up zip code 19403 where I work on sprint overage map it is covered with Turbo spark when you zoom in. even my house which is about 15 miles away has Turbo. pretty much the entire area from my house to my work. now what I don't understand is I use LTE discovery while in the car, 80% of the time I do have LTE and 20% I had 3g only. but when I was on LTE it went between band 26 and 25 only. it saw a weak band 41 once and it dropped out right away. with that said how am I be fully in the sprint Turbo spark area but not have band 41 ? I figured with the nexus 6 iI Would have no issue. this was done today and have noticed the same readings in the past. Thanks,
  2. It was on the wall here back in July. see link below. http://s4gru.com/index.php?/blog/1/entry-367-will-lte-service-on-rural-roaming-preferred-program-partner-networks-be-native-coverage-for-sprint-customers/
  3. Hello, I thought this is the whole point of the CCA/RRPP though. NV upgrades took a while as sprint had to upgrade there own network. with CCA/RRPP sprint is using another providers network that is already built.
  4. Hello, Does anyone know when the Roaming agreement will become live so sprint phones can start LTE roaming on its partner networks? I am looking to buy a Nexus 6 as its fully CCA/RRPP compliant. I tried to ask sprint and they just told me to visit the newsroom for updates. its been about 8 months since this was first announced by sprint. Thanks, John
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