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  1. Lets just call the phone what it is, it is an iphone ripoff that cost $400 with mid tier specs. Why would i buy this phone over the Nexus 5X or the Nexus 6P. Matter of fact, you can find the M9 online for about the same price. This is phone is DOA and stuff like this is why HTC as a corporation is where it is at today...
  2. I remember that SNL skit, it was funny as hell.
  3. HAHAHAHA. AJ, these coverage maps from carriers are getting out of hand...
  4. Once the shutdown happens, what does Sprint have to do to the clear sites to get CA up and running beside upgraded backhaul??
  5. I am curious to why Sprint gotta wait till the shutdown to bring CA to NYC??
  6. CA is live in Atlantic City, i am currently staying in Harrah's but also visit the borgota. Lost $$$ in BJ but will get it back tomorrow.
  7. I am still trying to catch up to u thought. I got another 14,713 more post to reply to go...LOL pathetic isn't it...????
  8. Once in a very rare moment or once in a solar eclipse moment, do u know what your talking about AJ... LOL
  9. I just came back from Atlantic city from a 2 day stay. Ladies and gentleman band 41 is up and running. I stay at Cesar's but also went to Bally's and the Borgata. All had band 41 outside and band 25 inside. Unfortunately the new 8T8R radio was not optimized nor had the proper backhaul. The several speedtest I ran, the most I got for DL was 5 MB.
  10. I also got my tracking number for gold 64 GB Edge. Suppose to arrive on Tues. 4/14
  11. I got into Las Vegas around 1030pm. I got some LTE at the airport but it keep switching constantly between b41 to b25. it also kept happening on hwy 215 to the Vdara. Inside the Vdara there was no LTE, only 3G. On my way to the Aria, outside i got b25 and b41 but inside it was only 3G. Lost at the blackjack table. Went to the Cosmopolitan, there was LTE b25 inside depending on what side of the hotel u was at. Left the Cosmopolitan and won my money back plus extra. When i went back to the hotel to rest. i couldn't believe that i got 1x800 voice on my girl galaxy s4 mini. At t
  12. I am officially on vacation from work and I will be going to Las Vegas later on today for a couple of days. I will be staying at the Vdara and i will be giving update from different places on the strip....
  13. Does anyone knows why Sprint is not offering the 128 GB Galaxy S6 Edge???
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