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  1. damn those pictures are nice!
  2. doesn't that just put it back to sprint only with roaming?
  3. Yeah I agree, well maybe they'll user verify their 5G coverage eventually.
  4. Unless they are doing something with the network at the moment i totally agree. their 5G maps are very deceptive lol
  5. yep you got it. do you know if you're in a 5G area? i have NR as soon as i walk outside at -100. the towers around me havent been upgraded so im picking this up from a pretty distant tower actually.
  6. If you click the link in the faq it says effective April 28
  7. I wish mine would do that so I don't have to keep disabling and enabling sprint bands. At home my phone parks on unusable signal -122.
  8. Security update out Edit: Still says April patch, don't know what it changed.
  9. Maybe. I get great sprint signal outside just inside can't get anything, mine was limited till I checked today. https://imgur.com/a/xaC0BvY
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