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  1. Yeah I don't like it lol its kind of misleading to people who don't know how to check for actual NR connection. I would think they would add that once a market was more blanketed with actual NR.
  2. Noticed this today. 5G indicator without actually being connected to NR??
  3. Yeah you are correct, my phone will only connect to T-Mobile if it completely loses signal other wise im still stuck on -122 band 41 or -119 band 26 which is useless.
  4. Well I woke up to being connected to tmobile band 4 inside my home instead of 3G. Also connecting to band 12 at work inside the building which was just band 4 and 2 before. Still capped at 5 down and up but Loving this so far.
  5. Yeah I decided to send it back to sprint. Maybe I got a bad one..
  6. Yeah the phone is great but not doing to well with band 26. Band 41 it does well with.
  7. Has anyone had signal issues with the s20+? My band 26 on my s20+ in my home is -118 to -120 while my note 9 is sitting around -107 to -110. Quite annoying as the s20 drops signal alot.
  8. Yes! I can't stand it when band 41 hangs on so long then skips band 25 and goes straight to 26.
  9. Got impatient today and Flashed android 10 with odin, VOLTE is enabled and working.
  10. Oh, usually when I'm on wifi calling I'm also able to text as well. Actually testing it with airplane mode on as we speak and it is working fine.. are you using iPhones? Reason I ask is my wife's iPhone doesnt play well with wifi calling most of the time when it comes to texting. I am using the Note 9
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